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How India should Use its wallet power against china

Blog: India vs China

Neeraj Nautiyal

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Chinese Market is spread all over the world like the coronavirus but how can we break it? India has yet again started the boycott Chinese movement. This was earlier also done in 2015-2016 but didn’t show the best results after that Chinese markets have taken the Indian market too quickly. This time they came up with better technology and strategy to take the Indian Market.

Talking about the Technology sector in devices, No doubt that Chinese applications are using the latest technology. Even I am very fond of Chinese applications. But when it comes to the country it does not matter if you are in the army or not. They only thing every Indian has is Patriotism.

We have started this movement and this time it will make a diverse effect on the applications that are provided by the Chinese.

Why are we Boycotting Chinese Applications?

The first and main motive to boycott Chinese products is to promote Self-originated products. So, here I am trying to tell you is the Chinese are now selling their cheap products to India and earning at very high rates. Their low-quality cheap products are now all over the market ranging from the wire to the Mobile phone and Laptops all are found here in the Indian market. It’s us who made this happen and it’s us who will again make this happen and remove Chinese products from India.

Another reason for boycotting Chinese applications is they may be using our data. This may not be seen to serious concern to you, But just think of it once. You are walking down the road chatting to your Girlfriend and having your personal chat. And in between someone is having an eye on you and also reading all your chats. This is a serious concern. Do you know china has made the so-called cameras that can detect a human while he or she is walking in a crowd? Do you have any idea where do they get data from? Do you know from where are they getting all of such images to make their investigation strong? According to China, cameras can detect any person within seconds. It's the same as we search on google and get results in seconds but there is the main point in google we get only those results which are uploaded by someone or by us. So, know think of where have china got all such images from? It's from their applications that are flowing over the world.

A great example of this can be TikTok and Vmate. Both are short video platforms. Tiktok and Vmate are owned by big tech giants of china and they can use all your data to improve their security. We are the one who is promoting china. Boycotting physical things is not only the solution. We have to make changes in our digital life also.

How to promote #MadeInIndia:

To promote made in India we have to do a mass scale production. During the crisis of CoVid-19, almost all the MNC’s that we established in china are migrating back. But the MNC’s are willing to take India as their new market hub. And this can be a great opportunity for the Indian Market as well as the Indian Economy.

The first thing we need to do is promote #MadeInIndia and This can be only done by mass-scale production. We have to increase manufacturing and reduce the cost. So that it can math the Chinese standards and can start taking the Chinese market.

The second thing we need to follow is to buy fewer Chinese products. I know this may sound like why should we buy Chinese products if we have to boycott china? See the fact is India will still need years to manufacture such industries that can produce such Chinese products at good quality and cheap rates. And thus because of this, We have to buy fewer Chinese appliances. Before making any purchase, try finding the Indian alternate of the same product.

What are the best alternatives to Chinese applications

All the alternatives are available for Chinese applications to have a look at these and prefer them over Chinese applications.

We have the wallet power and we can make china a bit weaker from this. We do not pay for such services to china. This is what we think but the fact is it is charging the double amount from us. You would have seen advertisements in the applications. Other than this, Xiaomi devices have advertisements in them. At every step, there is an advertisement and that too for the device that we have paid off.

So, here’s the list of top Chinese application alternative:

Tiktok – Alternate to TikTok can be IndiTok. I know this may be hard for you to leave TikTok and join IndiTok as you would have millions of followers on TikTok, but believe me, IndiTok is purely made in India and far better than Tiktok in privacy and other security measures.

UC Browser – The best Alternate to Uc Browser is JIO Browser. Uc browser has the feature like resume download support and drives download but Jio Browser is far better than UC and contains all the features. Amazingly it is also Purely MadeInIndia.

CamScanner - This was my only application to create pdf earlier, but not now. Use Adobe Scanner to create pdf’s and the best feature that adobe scanner has is, its AI is soo good that you even don’t have to crop the images like you used to do it in camscanner. It automatically does this and also has many options and it is free.

BeautyPlus – The best alternative to this application is the Indian Selfie Camera. The selfie camera is purely Made In India.

WPS Office – Use adobe and Google Drive for WPS Office alternate. All the items are freely available on the play store.

Viva Video- Alternate for Viva video is Photo Video Maker, Viva video is supposed to ask much permission ranging from contact access to the default permissions. This should be our topmost concern for data privacy.

Other Chinese Application Alternates are:

Chinese applications - Alternate to Chinese Applications 

Tiktok - Bolo Indya, IndiTok 

PUBG - Call Of Duty 

Beauty Plus - PicsArt, Candy Camera, B612, Beauty Plus 

Helo - Sharechat 

Shein, Club Factory - Amazon India, Flipkart, Limeroad 

UC News - Inshorts, Google News 

Viva Video - Kinemaster, Photo Video Maker 

App Lock - Norton App Lock 

Zoom - Google Hangouts and Zoho Meeting 

Alibaba - IndiaMart 

AliExpress - Amazon, Flipkart and TataCliQ 

UC Browser - Chrome, FireFox, Jio Browser 

Shareit and Xender - Files By Google 

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