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How to avoid or minimize the CCTV Failure


We always hear this news that specific CCTV camera or recording found not working during the incidents. The CCTV camera is used for the critical purpose, camera or recording not working during an incident can be disastrous. We can always avoid or minimise the CCTV failure by taking some simple preventing steps, the following steps shall be very useful in preventing CCTV failure.

1.Pop-up or Alarm

All modern days recording systems are incorporated with the Network loss or Recording loss features, these features need to be enabled for system pop-up or alarm activation. During any camera or recording failure, the system activates the chosen alarm.

2.SMS or E-mail

All sophisticated modern systems also have the option of sending the SMS or email during any failure or incidents, we need to just connect the systems with SMS or email sending Server. During the failure or any other event, the authorized people will get SMS or email alert for an immediate action.

3.Periodic Check

The physical periodic check for Network, Cable, Systems, and camera will also help a great extent in preventing CCTV failure.

4. Stabilise power back-up

Power fluctuation is measure cause for CCTV failure, a small disruption in the power supply can damage the camera circuit board and lead to CCTV failure. An uninterrupted and stabilize power supply can minimize the CCTV failure.

5.Proper updates

Periodic systems and firmware updates can also prevent the CCTV failure.

6.Password Protected

Unprotected systems allow an unauthorized entry into the systems, the unauthorized entry is also a measure cause for CCTV failure.

7.Admin and User Login

By simply creating admin and user rights to all designated authorized person can simply fix the accountability, the systems generate logs for all admin and user activity in details. As a preventing mechanism fixing accountability can minimise CCTV failure.

8.Mock Drill

A periodic mock drill can be a measure of prevention in minimising CCTV Failure.


A periodic and proper maintenance shall also avoid and minimise the CCTV failure.

Kindly share your views and suggestions on above subject, we can always add your valuable suggestion for others advantages. There are always scope for improvements, we welcome your suggestion.