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How to Block or delete a Sender in Zoho Mail?


Do you face any problem while using Zoho Mail account and facing the issue of how to block a sender in Zoho Mail? Here is the article on How to block a sender in Zoho Mail by which you will get to know how to block a sender in Zoho Mail. In a few steps, you can solve this problem easily.

Block unwanted messages from unwanted senders and domain

We have two option to block or delete a sender in Zoho mail.

First, you can set up the filter from an existing message you have another option is place the sender’s address or their entire list of blocked Zoho mail list of the blocked sender. How to Block or delete a Sender in Zoho Mail?

Blacklist a Sender or Domain in Zoho Mail

First step:

Go to the setting of Zoho mail account.

Second step:

In the setting, option goes to the mail setting.

Third step:

Click on Anti Spam.

Fourth Step:

In the Anti-spam

Fifth Step:

Click on the option of Blacklist email addresses.

When you visited the page of anti-spam, type the email address under the blacklist option of the email address. You can also type the domain name that you want to block under the blacklist section of the domain columns, in this, you will click the+ option to add the domain name to the list.

Use Message Filters to Delete Unwanted Mail

This is the Second method through which you can filter the unwanted messages from your Zoho mail account automatically.

First step

Open messages from the unwanted sender.

Second step

Click on the More action option in the top right corner of the messages.

Third step

In that menu you have opened, move your cursor over add to.

Fourth step

From add to option select filter from the menu. from the menu.

Now, select the criteria you would like to use for the filter,

Fifth Step

Click on the Save button.

Your filter will set and next time if you will get an email from the filtered message it will automatically be deleted and not shown to you further.