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How to change Porsche wheels caps in the quickest way?


How to change Porsche wheels caps in the quickest way?

It feels great to be in a grand car. The shimmering silver looks of a Porsche might be fascinating but the scratched and faded wheel caps might spoil the whole look! So it is important that you have shiny, original wheel caps on the regal wheels of your Porsche. When it comes to changing the wheel caps, the problem is tough! Porsche 76mm wheel caps come with 5 clips on the back of each cap. These clips keep the caps steady into the rim of the wheel. The major challenge while changing the wheel caps is to keep all the parts intact and scratch free.

Some of the issues faced while changing the Silver Porsche 76mm wheel centre caps are

● Breaking the clips while changing the caps.

● There are also chances to break the clip while trying to loosen it.

● If the right device is not used to pull out the wheel caps, you can face lots of resistance.

● While a screwdriver can help to pop out the caps, there are chances of scratching the wheel parts in this act.

Before you change the wheel caps keep some important facts in mind.

● Each of the centre cap has two holes in it.

● There are 5 clips on each of the wheel cap.

● The Porsche 76mm wheel caps can fit on 911 for Turbo Macan, Boxster and Cayman.

● These wheels are compatible on both original and aftermarket Porsche wheels.

Tools which you need to have before trying to change the wheels.

● Get a thick wired machine from the range of automation or performance products available in the market.

● Get a blunt object, for example, a hammer end to push out the cap from within the wheel.

Steps to remove the Porsche wheel caps in the quickest way:

1. You do not need to remove the wheel to fit in the new Porsche wheel caps.

2. Adjust the thick wired device into the holes of the wheel cap.

3. After the bent wire fits inside the cap hole use a range to pull it out.

4. Now put the bent wire or the device in the other hole.

5. Use the range to pull out the centre cap.

6. Give a little jerk outward and the the wheel cap gets removed.

7. Now take the new wheel cap. Align it as per the shape.

8. Give a slight push and the cap gets completely locked.

9. Repeat the process for the other caps as needed.

Some of the tips or guidelines which can help you change the Porsche wheel caps in the quickest way are:

● Use grease or vaseline to soften the edges of the wheel caps. This helps to pop out the caps easily.

● If a wired device is not available then a wire coat hanger can do the job. Use the pointed ends of the hanger to solve the problem.

So now swapping out the Silver Porsche wheel centre caps for 911 boxster , is just a matter of minutes, anytime, anywhere without the need of a skilled mechanic.