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Ajay Kumar

Article writer, SEO Executive | Posted on |

How to Choose Good Quality Granite Worktops for Your Kitchen?


If low-maintenance and affordability rank high in your criteria for shortlisting a kitchen countertop, consider granite. Be it homeowners or commercial facilities; everybody is in awe with granite worktops for the durability and texture they provide to the kitchen. The process of choosing granite worktops UK could, however, be stressful considering more than 200 colour options and several varieties to make a choice. To make the selection part easy, we are listing a few tips that will make your granite worktops selection easy while ensuring that you get only the best for your kitchen. Take a look.

This post talks about five factors that must be considered when buying a granite countertop for the kitchen.

  • Colour

As Granite comes in more than 200 colour options, it is possible to get overwhelmed on your first encounter with the stone. If we see the brighter side, you get many options to choose from that will blend well with the existing decor of your kitchen. The best way to shortlist a shade is to match it with the tone of the floor. Also, it will be great if you can have doors in contrasting colours. 

  • Thickness

When it comes to granite counters, they come in standard thickness options- three-quarter inch, one and one-half inch and one and one-quarter inch. The one and one-half inch piece are two three-quarter inch pieces fixed together, so avoid choosing this particular option as attaching two slabs of granite can be problematic. 

  • Seams

Try finding a granite stone that has a minimum seam. You might not be able to understand the importance of having less number of seams at the buying stage, but it will reflect later. A high number of seams become the focal point on the countertop, which might deteriorate the look and feel of the space.

  • Size of Kitchen

The size of the kitchen plays a significant role in choosing granite slab and its pattern. If the kitchen is small, it is better to opt for a light-coloured stone that will make the area look more spacious. Dark-coloured granite with light veins is perfect for a big kitchen. In addition to the colour, pay attention to the pattern of the stone. Solid stone is ideal for a small kitchen. The speckled and marbled forms, on the contrast, are good for large kitchens.

  • Edges

Wrap Up

In the recent years, granite has become a preferred choice over marble because of a lower price, more hardness, and a lot of colour options. So, when you are looking for cheap granite slabs for the kitchen, make sure that you consider all the listed factors to choose the right stone that goes well with the look and feel of your kitchen.