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Ramesh Kumar

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How to clean gutters yourself


Gutter cleaning is extremely important to ensure the health and safety of your home as well as everyone living in it. In the worst-case scenarios, uncleaned gutters can lead to your home collapsing. The best time to get your gutters cleaned is in autumn or the beginning of spring. However, if you can't remember the last time you got your gutters cleaned, it’s a sign to get them cleaned immediately. Gutters get clogged if they are not cleaned accordingly. Usually, this happens especially during the autumn when the leaves and other debris fall onto the roofs and block the flow of the water. This can lead to a lot of damage to the home exteriors as well as interiors if not fixed. The clogged water will eventually start pooling on the roofs and seeping in causing roof leaks. The leaves and debris will also start rotting after some point- leading to an infestation of bugs and pests. Clogged gutters often redirect the water closer to the house, which can cause the water to get absorbed by the foundation and eventually shift, causing cracks in the walls. 

There are many ways in which you could clean the gutters yourself. You can do this from the ground as well as by climbing a ladder. However, if your roof is more than one story high, you will need to hire professionals as it is too dangerous to do it yourself. You can contact gutter cleaning specialists by clicking here


How to clean gutters yourself


Cleaning from the ground

Cleaning from the ground is going to take some time, but it is the safest way to clean gutters. It is important to note that this can be done only if your house is a single story tall. You will have to proceed slowly when employing this method. This can be done by either using a garden hose with a special extension or a dry or wet vacuum with a gutter cleaning attachment. 

You can use the gutters with the garden hose as long as they are not completely blocked off. The hose will need to be fitted with a special attachment, usually a rigid tube that curves in the end. To go through this method, stand on the ground with the curved end near the downspout. Start by spraying out the entire channel length and then going back to ensure you got all the debris and dirt. It is important to remember that this technique can lead to a lot of mess, with the debris and dirt spraying off the roof. So, you should be dressed accordingly. 

If you decide on using a wet or dry vacuum, you will need to get the attachments required to unclog your gutters. These curved attachments are easily available at the home improvement stores and can be purchased for a cheaper price. Once you have removed most of the material and debris from the gutters, use the water to clean up any dirt or left-over debris using the garden hose. 



Cleaning from the ladder

Gutter cleaning from the ladder is not the best choice as there is a heavy risk of falling off. To ensure that you don’t end up hurting yourself and reduce the risk of falling, you must use the right kind of ladders. It's best to NOT use a stepladder as it can easily tip. The best ladder to use for cleaning your gutters is the extension ladder which is often sturdier. It's also good to fix these ladders with stabiliser arms so that you get maximum safety. 


If you can, have someone stand below as well to ensure that the ladder is stable and to pass you the instruments. You can employ two methods to clean the gutters using a ladder- the first one being the use of a leaf blower and the second one being the use of a power washer. Leaf blowers will often come with a special attachment that allows them to release an air stream at a powerful speed, which is perfect for blowing away the leaves and other debris. It is important to remember though, that this method cannot be used if the debris and leaves are wet and/or rotting. 

If you notice that the debris is wet, then it's better to use a power wash to blow it away. A fine spray nozzle will work well to remove the layer of dirt that may have collected over as well. The only drawback of this kind of cleaning is that it can be super messy so you will have to wash your ceilings as well as the exterior walls. If your gutter is completely clogged, then the power wash is your best bet to unclog it. 

No matter what method you employ, it's good to ensure that you are safe throughout. Employing professionals would be a better idea if you have never cleaned them yourself before.