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Shiva Kushwaha

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How To Climb Aconcagua To Make It The Best?


Aconcagua is one of the highest peaks located outside the Himalayas. It is popularly known as the Sentinel stone. Being strategically located in Central Andes, Western Argentina, it is also called as one of the highest peaks of South America. People call it the seven Summit of the world as well.

The Aconcagua expedition is open for all. All women and men of all ages can be ready to climb up this mountain. People from different parts of the world who are avid mountaineers, every year are found climbing Aconcagua. Some of them climb up as individuals and some in the team. They all enjoy climbing and walking.

Use your mountain skills

All you need to be energetic, active and fit to climb up the highest peak. Apart from this, you need to carry a proper bag which should include all your essentials like a sleeping bag, water, food, a few clothes and additional gears. You can easily grasp some of the mountain skills and can implement them whenever needed.

If you want to know how to climb Aconcagua, then you need to take over a proper training plan and start following at least 6 weeks prior to leaving for your trip. This includes long hikes, yoga, exercise like aerobics and training for strengthening your body. You must try getting used to the area first.

How To Climb Aconcagua To Make It The Best?

Adjust your body to the environment

Don’t just rush for hitting the mountain. Take some time and allow body for adjusting yourself. Take your time to enjoy nature’s beauty around you. This will help you in avoiding all illness and issues related to your health. Many of the mountaineers take this as an opportunity to climb up the highest peak, Aconcagua.

Managing of the important tools

With a positive mindset and best physical training, you will feel overwhelmed while climbing up. You can make use of the certified guide to go through all details related to the safety. Manage all your tools in your backpack which can make your trip easier and comfortable. Moreover, there are a few things that you must consider while packing your bag for mountain climbing.

How To Climb Aconcagua To Make It The Best?

Check out the important details below,

• Do not carry more than 25 percent of your weight for a long time.

• Your bag should be placed close to the body and up to your shoulder height. This will not let pull you backward.

• In the bottom of the bag, place your sleeping bag and all other light objects.

• Place all your gears as clothing on top of the bag

• Above your shoulder height, organize all your heavy things like jackets, tent and food.

• In the side pocket, place all your small items which you need to use frequently.

• Don’t carry too much items and try keeping things less and compact.

Stay active and happy

Distribute the weight evenly for proper organization and fewer burdens. You must always keep your heads high, feel positive and be energetic and happy while climbing up the mountain. These things will surely help you in achieving your aim and will make your entire trip memorable and safe.