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How to contact a divorce solicitor Glasgow for filing simplified divorce


Although some divorce cases can become quite lengthy and complex, the procedure for dissolving a marriage or civil partnership after a period of separation (either one or two years) is actually fairly straightforward, particularly when you use a seasoned legal professional to assist. If you feel that your relationship is now at the point where a divorce is almost inevitable, especially if you have already been separated for a year or two and your partner has also agreed that a divorce is the best way forward, a simplified divorce could be the perfect solution. To move the procedure forward, you will probably need the services of a divorce solicitor Glasgow-based.

Select a legal professional who's right for you

When it comes to how to contact a divorce solicitor in Glasgow for filing simplified divorce, it's important to find a legal professional that you feel comfortable with. Most legal practices offer a FREE initial meeting with a legal representative. This not only gives you the chance to get some initial feedback on your current circumstances (for example suggesting some possible options), it also gives you the chance to find out if the person is going to be someone you feel able to trust and work with effectively.

Initial appointments: phone, visit, email or even live chat!

The days when a solicitor could only be contacted through a personal visit or via a letter are long gone. To contact a divorce solicitor Glasgow based, you can email, phone for an appointment, visit in person or even live chat online! In many cases, it's possible to enjoy a virtual initial consultation from the comfort of your living room - you don't even need to leave the house in order to enjoy legal assistance.

With so many choices available, it's easy to find a way to contact a Glasgow solicitor like us quickly and easily. If you've been separated and need to know what next steps to take in order to instigate a simplified divorce process, or if you're considering divorce and want to know what options are available, prompt legal advice from us here at Rooney Family Law is readily available.