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How to Create a free Website on BlogSpot


Blogspot is a stage which enables you to fabricate and have site for nothing, it possesses by Google so you don't need to stress over server down time and different issues. Also, there are a great many free blogger layouts which you can use to give an expert look to your site. Allows begin with well ordered guide for making a site for nothing.

Stage 1: Login to Blogger

Go to and sign in with your gmail id and secret word, on the off chance that you don't have a record, you can make it for nothing by tap the "join" catch at the upper right corner as appeared in the underneath screen capture. Blogger has a place with Google that is the reason you would require a gmail represent building a site on blogspot.

Stage 2: Confirm your profile

When you are finished with signing in with your gmail qualifications, you will see a screen like the underneath one. Tap on "Keep on blogger".

Proceed to-blogger

Stage 3: Create a New Blog

It's an ideal opportunity to make another site, tap on New Blog catch.


Stage 4: Provide Website's area name and title

In this progression, you would need to give the title and address of your site. For instance: If you need to assemble a site on books then the Address (It's otherwise called Domain name and webpage's URL) could be or and the title can be Best IT Books Blog. You should realize that since these area names are free, they would be suffixed with of course. Blogspot, likewise gives us the choice of having custom area names and we would perceive how to include custom space names in this guide later.

The area name must be one of a kind so there are chances that the space name you wanna pick is now enlisted. All things considered you should need to attempt an alternate area name until except if the blue tick gets showed up at the correct side of Address field as appeared as follows.

When it's set, pick a format (you can pick any layout now, you would have the capacity to transform it later anytime of time, we will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to do that) and click Create Blog!

make blog

Stage 5: Start Blogging

By finishing till stage 4, you effectively possess a site for nothing. Presently, you can begin posting posts/articles, tap on begin blogging!

begin blogging

Stage 6: Visit your site

Give your site's location in the program and press enter. You would be given a site, which you claim!!. At first, you dislike the look and format but rather we have not yet completed the instructional exercise, we will demonstrate to you each and every approach to change your site, so as to make it look great and expert.


Distribute a post/article on blogspot site

Since you have effectively make a site on blogspot, you would now be able to begin posting articles on your new site. Allude the beneath screen capture. Compose substance, title and hit Publish to distribute the post.


When you click distribute, it would request that you share the substance on Google+, you may wish to do as such as it would turn into a decent wellspring of traffic to your recently made site.