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How to develop a better taste out of the protein shakes?


In the era of fast-paced life, it is really difficult to maintain health and fitness. But, protein shakes help us a lot to keep all the nutrients checked in our body. A good quality protein shake contains the balance of nutrition like proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino.

How to develop a better taste out of the protein shakes?

Mixing it with water doesn’t develop good taste out of it. People who are non-allergic to nuts and tolerant to lactose, must choose milk to enhance the taste and nutritional value of their protein shake. Milk makes it creamier and generates lip-smacking taste. 

Bring flavoured protein 

You can search through 100s of protein shake powders available in the market. Choosing a flavour in protein powder is easy but it is bit difficult to find out the best protein powder with no side-effects and good nutritional value. 

It is recommended to check the reviews and understand the types of protein available in the market. Get the flavour that you like most, else it will be really difficult to be consuming whole protein in the bag. 

Use milk instead of water 

Using water with protein powder means you are skipping the good source of protein found in milk. Adding milk to the chocolate flavoured protein powder enhances its taste. You cannot get the good taste of chocolate by adding water to it. 

Add banana and dry fruits 

To make protein shake more nutritional, tasty, and healthy, you can add one or two bananas and 5-7 dry fruits like almonds and cashews to it. Even berries and cherries can be added to improve the taste of your protein shake. Keep your shake in freezer for a few minutes and drink when it’s chilled. 

Use Soya or Almond Milk If you are not allergic to soya or almond milk, you can use it instead of cow milk with your protein powder. Almond and soya milk are also the good source of protein and healthy fats. Using it means you are adding more protein and nutrition to your body. Also, you can add 2-3 spoons of badaam syrup from the brands like Guruji Thandai to make it healthier drink.