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Sourojit Roy

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How to Find a Healthy Perspective


One day a lord chose to humble his most confided in worker.

He said to him, "There is a sure ring that I need you to convey to me. I wish to provide for the ruler for her birthday, which allows you a half year to discover it."

"In the event that it exists anyplace on earth, your glory," answered the worker, "I will discover it and convey it to you, however what makes the ring so extraordinary?"

"It has enchantment powers," addressed the ruler. "This is something that will make a rich man dismal and a poor man cheerful." The ruler realized that no such ring existed on the planet, yet he wished to give his clergyman a little taste of lowliness.

Spring passed and afterward summer, and still the hireling had no clue where he could discover the ring. On the night prior to the ruler's birthday, the worker chose to go out for a stroll in one of the poorest quarters of the city. He gone by a trader who had started to set out the day's products on a decrepit cover. "Have you by any possibility known about an enchantment ring that makes a rich man dismal and a poor man cheerful?"

He viewed the vendor take a plain gold ring from his cover and imprint something on it. At the point when the hireling read the words on the ring, his face broke out in a wide grin.

That night the whole city respected the Queen's birthday with incredible celebration. "All things considered, old buddy," said the lord, "have you discovered what I sent you after?" All the priests chuckled and the ruler himself grinned.

Amazingly, the hireling held up a little gold ring and announced, "Here it is, your superbness! This is something that will make a rich man tragic and a poor man upbeat." The lord held to ring very close so he could see the etching that read "This also will pass."

When the ruler read the engraving, the grin vanished from his face. Right then and there the lord understood that all his insight and astonishing riches and gigantic influence were nevertheless transitory things, for one day he would be only residue.