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How to find sports clubs near me?


Picking sports clubs near me can be as simple as firing up Google. The search engine matches the location of your computer to the search requested and someone in South Yorkshire can suddenly see that Rotherham Hockey Club run mens and ladies teams from Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park.

This form of sports speed dating happens every day. It solves a problem if you’re looking to play and assists a club’s sustainability.

Alongside local internet searching, each sport has a governing body that will identify clubs in your area (see the list below). The advantage of this route is that they will be affiliated and therefore be active.

club cricket

Find sports clubs near me

Football - Here’s how to find a football club in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Hockey - You can search England Hockey, Hockey Wales, Scottish hockey clubs and Northern Ireland.

Cricket - Check out the Play-Cricket network. There is also a separate resource for playing in Scotland or club cricket in Northern Ireland.

rugby clubs near me

Rugby Union - Locating rugby clubs in England, Welsh rugby, Scottish rugby or Irish rugby is easy.

Rugby League - Kick off by exploring the RFL website or the national equivalents with Scotland Rugby League, Wales Rugby League and Rugby League Ireland.

Netball - Start your netball adventure in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

AFL - There’s Australian Rules football clubs in England, Scotland, while in Wales and the Australian Rules Football League of Ireland their latest updates can be found on Facebook.

Lacrosse - Locate your nearest lacrosse club with England Lacrosse, Lacrosse Scotland, Welsh Lacrosse and Ireland Lacrosse.