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How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Institute for a Successful Career


Digital marketing courses are very popular these days. If you don’t agree, try this. Just search for digital marketing courses. The next day, all your social media newsfeed will be filled with digital marketing course details from various digital marketing training institutes. Frankly speaking, you will be surrounded by so many digital marketing snippets that you will be compelled to know about digital marketing thoroughly.

Digital marketing includes the promotion of products and services using the internet. It is characterized by using different strategies and channels for connecting with customers where they invest a lot of energy and time, i.e. on the internet. From computerized promotion, email advertising, online pamphlets and much more. There is a wide range of strategies that come under the umbrella of “digital marketing.”

It is noted that most of the students, mainly fresh graduates who want to switch their career face a lot of difficulties while selecting a digital marketing course. One of the main reasons behind this is as there are large numbers of digital marketing institute in every nook and corner of India offering digital marketing courses that it often becomes difficult to choose the top digital marketing training course among those.


Although it may sound out of the box, the zeal and interest you have for a specific area is the most vital factor in finding the ideal career path. Find your faith, skills and interests to make sure that you have the interest in this field and can excel in this domain. After the successful completion of enrolling in a digital marketing course, you will find that there are a lot of channels in this field to discover. You can choose the field as per your interest.

The reputation of the Institute:

The primary thing that matters while selecting the best digital marketing course is the reputation of the institute: On what criteria should you select one. If you want to choose the best digital marketing course, it is very important to know the in and out of the training institution that you are planning to join. Find out the total number of years the training institution has been into providing digital marketing training.

Another thing that you need to find out is about the courses they offer, the experience of the trainers and so on. One of the best ways to get all this information is to check the online presence of the training institution. While selecting the right digital marketing course, you should also have a look at the growth procedure of the institution, license and accreditation and what the alumni’s have to say about the institute.


Everything else does not matter when it comes to choosing the faculty. The institution might have the best course offers, they might train you on improving your interpersonal skills, they might have a well-templated syllabus, but everything is a waste if you don’t have the right trainers who can make things simple for you. Have a complete foundation check to find the best things.

Also, there are many institutes that do not have a full-day training program. These institutes hire trainers for 2 to 3 hrs only for taking the class. The biggest advantage of this is the trainers cannot concentrate on each student. They possibly have a one-on-one conversation and others simply listen and nod their heads.

The trainer won’t be able to clear everyone’s doubt which would develop a feeling of dissatisfaction and later it will lead to a disinterest in the digital marketing course. To avoid this, make sure that that the trainers of the institution are full-time employees of the institute through whom you can clear your doubts, if any, regarding digital marketing tools, training, how to create brand awareness and much more.

Courses Offered:

The curriculum, syllabus and the time provided for studying each course module are important while choosing a training institution. A reputed training organization should teach in a specific order like, first they should start with the basics, then expand the entire topic. A student should be aware of all the important digital marketing topics.

Look for an institute that offers a hands-on-experience so that you can practice whatever is taught in the class. It would be great if the institute that you are choosing offers demo classes. This will give you a brief understanding of the teaching process, strength of the class and if possible, try to interact with the alumni and ask their opinion.

Below are the modules that every digital marketing course should include:

1. Introduction to the basics of media marketing

2. Website creation

3. Search engine optimization

4. Fundamentals of mobile marketing

5. Search engine marketing

6. Video advertising

7. Social media marketing strategy

8. Google Analytics

9. Affiliate and email marketing

10. Digital marketing certification

11. Inbound and content marketing

12. Web analytics

You must be thinking that why is certification important when you have all the necessary skills. However, if you are a student or a professional who wants to switch his career then, attaining a digital marketing certification will be beneficial for you. A lot of companies prefer candidates who are trained in digital marketing and who have a course certification with them.

There are some institutions that offer certification along with a marketing course, but they include a certification fee in their fee structure. So, it’s always better to cross check this thing before you join an institution. It will be better to join such a training institute that offers supports in this aspect by providing prior training to excel in the certification exam.

But first, you must know what are the basic digital marketing certifications that you require for applying in digital marketing agencies. And then find which institution offers the same. The following are the important certifications that are required by one to become an expert digital marketer.

a) Google Ads certification

b) Google Analytics certification

c) YouTube certification

d) Hubspot inbound marketing certification

e) Twitter Flight School certification

Well, most of the training institutions provide Google Ads certification, but there are few that offer other certifications also.

Paid internship:

With regards to finding the right job, adding extracurricular exercises to your resume is the same old thing. Having a work experience through an internship is one of the important things that employers look for in a resume.

The statistics will show you why a digital marketing internship is useful. As per the report by, 85% of companies utilize internships to enroll for a full-time job, with previous interns expected to fill around 37% of the graduate openings.


Moreover, during an internship, work pressure is comparatively low than a full-time job, so you can focus on other parts like improving your communication skills, gaining knowledge in other fields of digital marketing and much more. Look for institutes that offer paid internships to students.

When you have knowledge about a subject, you don’t have to worry about getting a job. Having a sound experience will give you lots of job opportunities.

There are several digital marketing institutions that provide outstanding placement opportunities for students. They even offer placement support to the candidates. When you come across such an institute, find out which are the companies with which the institute has a tie-up. If they have a partnership with startups, it is important to do thorough research about them.

As far as taking up a job offer is concerned, it is better to choose a startup than working in an MNC. Because startups offer exposure to real-time digital marketing projects which will benefit you when you join a company.

Ratings and reviews:

While searching a digital marketing institute, ensure that you go through all the reviews and look at the Google ratings. It is a fact that there are institutes who post reviews through their own alumni, but there are many institutions who are genuine. You will come across many institutions who advertise and influence students to fall into their trap. Ensure that you do not choose one such institute.

Class strength:

Will you be able to concentrate in a class which has 30 to 40 students? Not. As a fresher, you need special attention, and that is a fact. Getting trained by a digital marketing institution is not like getting prepared for a school exam.

You must prepare for attaining certifications, apply for placements in companies etc. For that, you must ace the subject in a period of less than 2 to 3 months, i.e. the tenure of the course. So, tell us now, a batch of 30 to 40 students or a batch of 10 to 15 students? Which will you prefer?


Quality comes with a price. There are some digital marketing institutions that only work to earn money. However, all the training institutes are not the same. Some recognized institutions may charge a high fee. Therefore, it’s totally on you to find an institute that gives quality training at an affordable price.

After reading this, are you thinking is there a digital marketing institute that surpasses all these qualities? If so, no worries. The answer to your question is yes, there is such an institution. It’s Streamlyn Academy. It offers the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore.

If you take the reputation of the institute into account, the institute has 4.8 Google rating, the trainers are skilled digital marketers working in Streamlyn Media, a media publishing agency in Singapore. These trainers teach students with examples of live projects.

It helps students to have a hand-on-experience. The institute provides a paid internship known as “earn while you learn” internship from the 2nd month of classroom training. During this, students can earn a stipend up to Rs. 8000/.

Till now, the academy has trained over 1350 candidates and has achieved a placement record of 93%. They train a maximum of 10 students in a batch. As far as the fee structure is concerned, it is affordable when compared to other digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore. Do you want to know more about the institution or consult our experts? Feel free to contact us.