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Rathika Rajkumar

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Before venturing out to find the best real estate lawyer in Dubai, you must ask yourself if you know the qualities to look for in a real estate lawyer that puts them a cut over the rest. Since they handle very delicate matters that are usually of large financial significance, you need to carefully review their skills and reputation before going through with the appointment.

If you do want to find the best real estate lawyers in Dubai, select a lawyer who possesses the following set of skills:

License to operate

Lawyers need to have the license of the respected jurisdiction license if they want to deal in a certain state. Lawyers often reject clients from states that they do not operate in. But if the details were to go unnoticed, you might be hiring a lawyer who is not authorized to practice in that specific area. This can lead to further legal complications. The remedy is pretty simple as you can ask for their license before hiring them and ask them about their jurisdiction rights.


When you are hiring a real estate lawyer, you have to be sure that he/she is giving you all the right info without any blinds on. When something goes wrong or if your business strategy needs immediate change, you must have to hear it no matter how negative it is. Leading the client on without giving out proper info will cause a breakdown if something bad were to happen.

Local knowledge

When you are in the process of buying or selling real estate, you must inquire about the area where you are trading. There might be some complication tied to a piece of land that might hinder its value over time and knowing everything about it from the get-go will be a major help. A real estate lawyer with appreciable local knowledge will have all the key skills to facilitate a smooth trade.

Record of accomplishment

If you are looking for a real estate lawyer for a specific purpose, make sure that the lawyer has enough grasp of the matter. This can be easily evaluated if you review their past cases. If they do not have enough expertise in the field that you need help in, choose another real estate lawyer who does have experience in that specific field.


You can spot the best real estate lawyers in Dubai by how much value they give to their client’s time. Like the saying that goes “Time is money,” every second matters when it comes to business. You will know that your real estate lawyer is serious about your matter when he/she shows up for meetings and other legalities punctually. HOW TO FIND THE BEST REAL ESTATE LAWYER IN DUBAI, UAE?

Skillful at negotiations and communication

The real estate lawyer that you select must be skillful enough to get you the best deal always. They must be able to convey the ideas better and have the proficiency to conduct deals that make the client happy. Negotiations are a critical part of real estate trade because the deal must be in such a way that both parties can leave happy. You need a skillful lawyer to find that sweet spot.


There is no real benefit in having a real estate lawyer who has all the above qualities but does not respond in time to your queries. Promptness or availability are two different attributes that achieve the same end result – better client satisfaction. Just think of a scenario where you need immediate legal assistance, but your real estate lawyer in Dubai is nowhere to be contacted! So be sure that the people you hire are available to you.

Tough to find people with these skills?

We know how hard it can be to get real estate lawyers in Dubai who can check all the right boxes at all times. We, Al Nassar & CO., found a solution to this by giving you access to a group of lawyers who have proven their mettle in their respective fields. This way, you will always have the best possible help by your side 24/7. Why wait, contact us now!