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Daniel Brown

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How to Furnish Your Man Cave


There are few places where a man can be himself as much as in his own man cave. After all, what’s better than being able to bring all your hobbies and favorites into one place and indulge in them with your best buddies or by yourself, without anyone bothering you? Whether you are only in the process of creating your own man cave right now or you are thinking that your little haven is in need of an upgrade, don’t worry. We got you. Check out these great ideas and take your man cave to the next level.

Comfort above all

Whatever your main purpose with your man cave is going to be, you should make sure you spare no expense when it comes to the comfort level of your furniture. A sofa that accommodates several people and a matching armchair or a recliner are a must. If your man cave boasts a stylish, wooden interior, make sure you go for similar natural brown hues when choosing these pieces. In case you are aiming for a more modern vibe, black is your best friend. There is nothing more luxurious than a quality, black leather recliner. Period.

Your own theater

Movie lovers will not want to miss out on creating their own home theater. The best thing about this is that it’s really easy to achieve. You just have to get comfy seating, a projector and a canvas. If your man cave is located in the basement, you won’t even have problems with blocking out the sunlight, but if your room is getting plenty of light, invest in some thick drapes and you’re good to go. A small popcorn machine will make this setup even better, and it won’t take up much space.

If sports are your passion

You can also personalize your space with some sports equipment that will allow you to practice your passion whenever you like. If you just want a time-killer, a foosball table will have you covered. If you’re a golf addict, get a Swing Eagle trainer to get that swing just perfect for the next time you go out to play. Or if you prefer vigorous exercise in the gym, get a few smaller pieces of gym equipment to have at hand. In addition to that, if you have any sports memorabilia, even from your own past, make sure you display them proudly on your walls. Pair all of this with a large screen TV to watch all those matches with ease and a coffee table that doubles as a mini-fridge for all the cold beer and your sports den is finished.

All the booze

There is hardly anything as coveted as having your own bar in your home. This will truly take your man cave to the next level – and make it all your friends’ favorite hangout spot. While it can be a larger investment, if you’re a handyman yourself, you can easily whip up one using some pallets you might already have left over from another project. You can leave the wood raw, as it is, or you can tint it to a deeper hue to match the rest of your furniture.

Make a display

If you’re an avid collector of something, you simply cannot miss displaying your precious items or memorabilia in some form. You can go for that industrial look with metal shelving that somehow has that raw masculine feel, or you can even make your own shelving from some pallets that were left from the previously mentioned bar project. That way, you can also personalize its size to accommodate your collection.

More fun

If you want to add some extra character to your man cave, you can DIY a couple of creative décor pieces that are at the same time functional. For example, this dartboard is an artwork in itself, but it also serves to chase away boredom at the same time. You can come up with similar double-purpose pieces that will be fun additions to your man cave.

There are so many more options you should explore before you decide on how to furnish your man cave. For example, gamers cannot miss out on getting all the best consoles, while musicians can create a “band corner” in their room. Your possibilities are virtually endless.