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Shivam Khandelwal

Travel Consultant at Musafir | Posted on |

How to Get Cheapest Tour Packages for Thailand from Dubai


Thailand is the next big holiday destination for the people of the Middle East. This amazing country offers vacation experiences like no other. However, some Thailand tour packages from Dubai can be expensive, and may not have all the best attractions and experiences of Thailand. There are some tips and tricks that will ensure you get the cheapest Thailand tour packages from Dubai that are full of action and adventure, and will bestow upon you the best that Thailand has to offer. Here are they.

Book in Advance

The saying “the early bird gets the worm” holds true when it comes to booking Thailand tours. If you are sure of the dates of your vacation, you should book your Thailand tour in advance. The prices are quite low as there are barely any bookings. But as bookings start to fill up, the prices start to go up. So, first be absolutely sure about your vacation dates, and start looking for the tours you like.


Good research throws up answers to even the toughest of questions. The easiest way to get cheap vacations is research online. Just a simple search on a search engine will provide you scores of data that will help you get your vacation to Thailand cheap. There are websites that will help you compare rates from travel management companies and make the right choice. However, a more trusted way of research would be asking your friends and family. Get to know about their firsthand experience with a travel management company. This is much more dependable than just looking online. Combine both ways to get the best result.

Compare Itinerary

There are many different types of tour packages. Some are made for young couples, while others are made for families, and some are even made for groups of friends. You have to choose accordingly. The best thing to do would be to prepare an itinerary of all the things you would like to see and do in Thailand. Now, you can compare this list with the itineraries of the travel companies. This will make choosing a whole lot easier and even comparing prices. Who knows, you might even come across something that you would love to see. After all, vacations are all about the experiences you get in the tour.

Book Online

Booking your tours online is a surefire way to get the tour packages for a cheap price. As mentioned before, online, you can compare your tour packages. But most importantly, there are many offers ongoing that you can take advantage of. The online realm is a competitive place, and everybody is vying for attention. Therefore, you will find many offers that will help you save money. You will also find many combo deals and other such offers. The only problem you will face is choosing from so many amazing offers.

Off Season

Any tourist destination, let alone Thailand, can be extremely crowded during season. Also, prices of everything tend to skyrocket as demand is high but supply is less. So, if you come to Thailand during season, you may have to pay a premium for all the attractions and experiences. However, if you come during off-season, you get the same stuff for a much lesser price. You will get complete value for you money during this time, and more importantly, there will be very less crowds, so, you will enjoy even more. Thailand’s off-season is the rainy season, which is March to September. However, this time is quite bearable weather wise. Plus, people of Dubai rarely get to experience rain, so, they should have a good time.

Consult your Visa Provider

Getting a Thailand visa from Dubai can become a hassle if you are not aware of all the rules and regulations. Therefore, it’s always better to get help from professional visa companies. They will ensure you get all your documents in order, and your visa on time. Their services are quite affordable and save you a lot of trouble. Many of these visa service providers also arrange for tour packages. If not, they are at least tied up with some travel management companies who will give you great offers through association.

Thailand tour packages from Dubai are quite popular as the people of Dubai love travelling to this amazing island gem in the East. Follow the above mentioned methods to score a cheap vacation, and enjoy all the attractions and experiences of Thailand to your heart’s content.