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Sanya Chopra

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Who does not wish for a glowing and flawless skin? Possessing a radiant, twinkling and bright skin is something women dream about.

But hey, do you know that this is a dream that can actually come true. All it takes is to pay a bit of attention to your diet and add magical home ingredients in your skin care regime. It’s that simple!

What are the reasons behind dull and tired looking skin?

Stressful lifestyle, harmful sun rays, inadequate sleep, pollution, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol along with hectic work schedule are known to be the most dangerous factors that makes the skin look dull and divide of life. The reality is, millennials are a part of this inevitable vicious unhealthy lifestyle and there is no way to run away from life and be stresses that come along with it. However with bit of care attention to your own self, these problems can surely be prevented.

Excessive exposure to UV rays and harmful chemicals pose a huge risk to the skin. Instead of taking refuge in expensive skin care products, it is about time that we all realise that mother earth is bound to fall in its magical resources. Mixing some incredible natural ingredients is the best kind of superfood that you can provide your skin. The truth is our skin is thirsty for nutritious and healthy food and not of expensive heavy chemical laden beauty products and creams.

Let’s get started…

1. Turmeric and gram flour


Turmeric and gram flour some of the magical kitchen ingredients it works like magic on skin.

Mix both with enough milk or water and apply it all over your face and the neck area. Leave the back for about 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Using this home remedy twice a week shall provide the skin the necessary antioxidants that is crucial for the skin to achieve its utmost health. Besan, particularly is widely popular for centuries for making the skin look bright and clean.

2. Coconut and olive oil

 Coconut and olive oil

Magical natural ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil should be a necessary part of your beauty regime. The super oils are devoid of chemicals and works as an excellent food for the skin, especially for the dryer skin areas. Just take half a tablespoon of the oil and massage on your face as a moisturiser. Coconut and olive Oil provides deep hydration to the skin. Make sure that you follow this up as a pre-bedtime routine and you shall be amazed to see the enchanting result!

3. Raw honey

Raw honey

Raw honey is another miraculous kitchen ingredient that is really really “sweet” on the skin as well. Honey is an excellent natural humectant and helps the skin to retain water and keeps it hydrated for long.

Apply a pack of local raw honey on your skin and massage it for 10 minutes and finally rinse it off with nice lukewarm water. Followed this up twice a week to get sample moisturised and super hydrated skin.

4. Ripe papaya

 Ripe papaya

Ripe papaya is another super food that works miraculously on the skin and helps to achieve its dream glow. Ripe papaya is extremely beneficial in removing the dead cells on the face. It also makes the skin glowing and radiant in no time. It also prevents acne breakout while gently clearing off any dirt from the skin.

Take a ripe papaya, smash it into a thick consistency. Add sandalwood powder or Multani Mitti along with raw honey to it. Mix all of them into a fine paste and apply all over your face and neck area. Rinse your skin cool water after 15 minutes. This wonderful concoction works as an anti ageing and skin firming face pack.

5. Green tea

 Green tea

Green tea, which is an extremely crucial part of everyone’s diet today is also loaded with amazing properties that works as a super food for the skin. Make a paste of green tea and yoghurt and apply it on your skin. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and is extremely effective in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. This literally reverses the signs of ageing and brings back radiant skin.

All these magical packs are loaded with natural oils and amazing properties that gives the skin its right food. Instead of buying super expensive beauty creams, allow your skin to get the organic healing. All it requires is a bit of time from your everyday schedule. Apart from topically applying these face packs, it is also crucial to pay attention to what you eat. Mindful eating is a must that if you want to achieve that picture perfect radiance. Ensure that you drink 3-4 litres of water and remain hydrated throughout the day. Add a lot of leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and nuts to your diet.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pamper your skin and be the dazzle of every show!