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How to Log in to Setup page?


Netgear Wifi Extenders can be installed with the two methods, manual setup using or WPS setup. is web-based setup url for your Netgear extender Open a browser and visit website. A new window i.e. New Extender Setup will come up. Follow the on-screen instructions for easy installation.

Other ways to connect with setup page. Mywifiext webpage can be also accessed using it’s IP (, Follow the steps below to log in to mywifiext setup page:


Connect your Computer or Cell phone to Netgear_ext Network.

Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Navigate to the web address bar on the browser.

Type on the address bar.

New extender setup button will appear and click on it then.

Create an account now and Hit on Continue button to open setup page.

The webpage can be accessed for several settings that can be done for Netgear Extender. If you need any help with technical settings. It’s suggested to get in touch with MyWifiext experts at 1-866-988-8965.