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Sreemoyee Gupta

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How to look stylish in winter shadi


“Shadi” or a marriage ceremony during winter is always special. There is an element of calmness in the air and you do not have to live with the sticky and sweaty patches which can ruin your entire makeup. However, it is very important to make sure that you have put proper dress and makeup in order to look stylish at a shadi in winter. Your makeup needs to be proportionate with your skin complexion and type. Besides, when it comes to the dress you put on, that too needs to be taken care of. If you are on the bulkier side, then please avoid using too much of coating, it would make you look fatter! There are different aspects which need to be taken care of while you are planning to prepare for a marriage function. In the following section, you will be offered a couple of tips and Discussion on Fashion and Style , which you might find to be handy . 

How to look stylish in winter shadi

Your Dress needs to match the Occasion

It’s winter time and you would require extra protection which you keep you warm and at the same time make you look attractive. If you are wondering how to get two birds with one stone, in that case, the following tips might be useful,

Velvet would be an Ideal Choice: Velvet dresses will not only keep you warm but at the same time would add a touch of royalty to your looks. Velvet is naturally ultra-sheen and luxurious. However, it can be quite heavy as well if you put on too much of velvet. There are options available to you if you wish to avoid velvet blouse and lehenga, such as

 A lehenga paired with velvet blouse made of different fabric

 Pairing a velvet blouse and lehenga with a non-velvet dupatta

Lehenga with Pockets: It would be a smart move to put on a lehenga that has side pockets. This would allow you to keep your hands warm during winter. Besides, you can easily carry your liner and lipstick in the pocket.

Full-Sleeve Blouse: Are you not comfortable wearing lehenga or taking a dupatta? Well, in that case, you have the option of putting on a full sleeve blouse. They look fashionable and at the same time add a touch of aristocracy to the entire look. Not to mention that a full sleeve blouse will keep you warm during the winters

Long Jackets and Lehenga: This is a very unique combination. A colorful and gorgeous jacket on top of your lehenga will not only make you look classy and attractive but at the same time, it would keep you warm. You can opt for either half sleeved or full sleeved jackets. But make sure that you lehenga and jackets are of contrasting colors

Saree and Jacket: Sounds odd! Well, if paired with the right kind of jacket, it would make you look like a diva. However, there is a catch to it. If you are planning for this combination, in that case, you need to make sure that both your saree and jackets are super gorgeous. Try and avoid plain sarees with little decoration. Instead, go for the ones which are dazzling and colorful

Use Thermal Underwear: The interior is as important as the exterior, especially during the winter. It is not only about making you look stylish and attractive, at the same time you need to make sure that you feel warm and comfortable. In order to make sure that you are not shivering and making a mess of the entire makeup which you have put on, use thermal underwears. They will help you keep warm and comfortable

Silk Sarees: If you are fond of traditional wedding dresses, in that case, you can opt for silk sarees. They are available in a wide range of different designs and textures with mind-blowing embroideries. If you wish to try something else other than a saree, in that case, a silk lehenga or an Anarkali would just be the perfect option for you

Matching Shawl/ Stole: If you have decided to wear a saree, in that case, make sure that you are carrying a matching shawl, even if you have sufficient protection against the cold. The shawl would add a touch of royalty to your appearance.

Makeup is Equally Important

Now that you have some idea about the type of dresses that you can opt for, here are a couple of tips for your makeup

• Try and use a dark lipstick to cover the dryness of your lips

• You can use bronzer or blush on your cheek for a rosy look

• Make sure to apply good quality moisturizer on your face, which would make your skin look fresh. However, make sure that you do not overuse it, which could make your skin look excessively oily

With all these valuable tips at your disposal, you are now ready to attend a shadi in winter. Go ahead and rock the show! If you want, know more about stylish tips in winter visit some of the makeup artist message boards and forums.