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How To Make Biryani With New Steps


The ancient Romans and Greeks used saffron as fragrance and saffron spice is discussed in the Chinese Material Medica from the year the 1550s. Nowadays saffron is used as a spice and treating medical disorders. Saffron is now an essential herb of various Middle Eastern, Eastern and European dishes like Spanish paella, French bouillabaisse, and Moroccan taglines and various other traditional dishes. Saffron is very expensive spice; this harvesting of this spice makes it worth expensive spice of the world. Each saffron flower yields 3 stigmas and the stigma collection is done by hand, this factor makes the saffron price high.

Botanical origin of Saffron

How To Make Biryani With New Steps

The botanical origin of the saffron plant is Mediterranean, Iran, Asia Minor and now Italy, Spain and France are primary producers of cultivator countries of saffron. When we hear the name of Saffron, we think this spice is basically a small part of the saffron plant itself.

Saffron stigmas are present in its purple flower. People use this spice because of its characteristic Sweet herb smell, distinctive yellow color, and bitter taste is basically of yellow-colored part of the stigma, there is pollen germination part at the end of the red pistil.

One the rep pistils and stigmas are hatched from the flower they are dried carefully to preserve their flavor and color. Since everyone knows well the small part of the plant yields saffron, it takes 75,000 flowers to get one pound of saffron spice.

Saffron prawn biryani

Saffron imparts its amazing taste in biryani its distinctive aroma and taste gives biryani a delicious taste.


• 1 lb / 500g basmati rice

• Large pinch of saffron spice

• Small cinnamon stick

• 2 teaspoon salt

Sauce ingredients:

• 3oz / 80g unsalted butter

• Chopped 5 garlic cloves

• Finely chopped 2 medium-sized onions

• 2 teaspoon salt

• ½ lemons

• 2 quartered red chilies

• Ground turmeric ½ teaspoon

• I teaspoon Indian five spices

• Roughly chopped fresh parsley

• 12oz / 350g peeled prawns

• 5 teaspoon olive oil


• Take a large saucepan and put rice, cinnamon, salt, and saffron into it with a 1.5-liter pint of water. Place a saucepan over a high heat, bring the water to a boil and cook for 10 minutes, stir rice constantly to prevent rice from sticking on the base of the pan. Drain via sieve and set pan aside

• Place saucepan over the hob and start making the sauce at high flame. Add butter, and melt it, add garlic chunks in it and till it gets golden brown color about 4-5 minutes after garlic to add onion and salt and cook onions till it gets soft it will take 15 minutes

• Take a half a lemon and squeeze its juice into the sauce, and cut lemon peel into small slices and add it into the sauce

• Add green chilies, five spices, and turmeric into a sauce and let it cook for five minutes. Add prawns and parsley stir well, so that prawns are coated, not fully cook prawn into sauce let it cook into biryani rice steam, overcooking of prawns makes it ruby and dry

• Take a saucepan for serving and pour oil into the base of the pan, swirl oil into a pan so that oil will go up to sides of the pan

• Pour half of the rice and spread evenly on pan base, then put all prawn mixture on top of the rice

• Put the rest of rice on top of prawn sauce, cover it with lid and place it over a high flame for 5 minutes, and turn off heat, leave for 20 minutes and then serve saffron prawn biryani

Buy saffron and make irresistible delicious prawn biryani at your home.

Saffron milk tea- a great recipe for general wellness and depression

Saffron tea is an amazing healing drink; this nourishing beverage includes raw milk although it also includes dairy-free variation. Saffron milk tea is a wonderful drink before bed with help to cover insomnia and depression. The spice elixir has a lovely aroma and flavor and tea-like, see if it brings a general wellness into your life.

How to make saffron milk tea at home?

Saffron milk tea can be easily made by adding simply some saffron stigmas/filaments into a cup of hot tea and follow the steps mentioned below to make saffron milk tea at home


• One cup milk

• 1 cup water

• 2 teaspoon Lipton tea (optional)

• 10 to 15 saffron threads (little amount of saffron)

• 4 cardamom pods

• 2 teaspoons local stevia or local raw honey to taste sweet


• Place water into a tea pan and add cardamom into the small amount and bring water to boil for 5 to 6 minutes

• Then simmer the pods for 6 to 8 minutes

• Turn off the flame and add saffron threads, and allow saffron threads to steep for 5 to 8 minutes

• Add remaining tea ingredients, stir the heat and milk to get hot, to maintain the living ingredients of the milk

• Strain and serve, and you can add sweetener as per your taste.

Saffron is the god gifted spice of the world it benefits amazingly, the strings of saffron are rich in nutrition, and has an amazing impact on your health. Saffron has the power to protect us from various diseases. As everyone knows saffron is a precious spice and every expensive spice found on earth.

To get pure saffron is a sign of stress for some people. Some disloyal merchants deliver crude saffron; they adulterate saffron with other spices. So people get stressed to spend lots of their money on crude saffron with less or no benefits.

There is no need to worry about from where to buy saffron there are many saffron online sellers who sell pure saffron you can buy saffron online without getting stress at your doorstep.