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For making your assignment look attractive, you need to work on a few basic steps and you can easily get the required result. The assignment topics should not be handwritten, but it has to be properly typed in a good way with all the correct formatting that makes the assignment look good. It should be easy for the reader to read or the checker to check it out.

Before writing the assignment try to select a place where you could easily write the assignment without having any negative or stressed thought. This could improve your creative skills and you can write more attractive and interesting assignment rather than the one written under stress.

Selecting the topic

Selection of the topic is an important task. It will decide that what will be the impact of your topic on the reader's mind. You should always keep one thing in mind those topics that are unique, attractive or related to uncommon facts grabs the attention of reader as they have the urged to know more about the things they have not heard before.

Such topics make your assignment look more attractive and eye catchy. Don’t over think about the topic once you have decided the topic trying gathering proper information rather having second thoughts and wasting your time.


Gathering information

After choosing the topic the most important part is how to gather the needed information rather than wasting time. These days when students or writer try to search for a particular topic, they get distracted with irrelevant information available online.

The best way is to go for library and read some book related to your topic or if you want to search online while sitting at home. Try for the key words that you know for sure will help you with the information related to your topic. But the information which a book, journal, article or essay can provide you is not matched to any other information available on the web.

Work on the cover page

The cover page of your assignment should be very creative and attractive as it put the first impression on the reader that how interesting or attractive the assignment will be inside.

The color selection or the text which are used on the cover page creates a big impact on the readers mind. The cover page should not have irrelevant information because it is not interesting for the reader.

A strong opening

The opening paragraph of your assignment should always answer the most important questions. Like what you are trying to explain to the reader, you should write the first paragraph by using the technique of 5 W’s and 1 H. This will give your reader an idea what they will read in the next paragraph of your assignment. The strong opening makes your assignment more attractive.

Reader always read the entire assignment when they find the opening paragraph of your assignment interesting. Try to add the curiosity factor into your first paragraph so it motivate or encourage them to go on further with the reading. This is the most common practice that is being followed while writing the first paragraph of your assignment. Points written in your first paragraph should be relevant to the topic.

Making your assignment informative

Assignment with less relevant information puts a bad impression on the reader. The less important or less relevant information at first try not to add that but in any case if you want to write it down, trying going for the end paragraphs. Try adding subjective information with facts and figures that are connected with the topic and hence it would engage the reader.

Try adding quotations or references from books or other researches that are relevant with your assignment topic. Try to do more and more research on your assignment, so while writing you never feel bound or don’t know any kind of relevant information. Sometimes writer miss out to add important information that may put bad impact on him. Research is always the main aspect while writing your assignment proper and relevant information adds more value to you assignment.

And when you write try to answer the entire possible question that could come in the mind of the checker or reader, often confusion leads to negative marking or bad impression. When you write something it would be better if you write a reference or quotation that will be your evidence and make a strong point on your behalf. And that will support your assignment and increase its academic value. By following these rules your assignment becomes catchy.

Make it look more interesting

An assignment with appealing information adds more points to your assignment. You can add related stories regarding with your assignment to make it more interesting. Stories related to topics of your assignments could make eye catchy for your readers.

Stories that are relevant to your topic could be added in the assignment these stories could be anything like events that occurred or some incident related to the topic. This entire point depends on the topic of your assignment as every topic needs a different kind of approach regarding with the subject. For instance a business student needs stories or events that happened with individuals related to business and make them or quote them as an example in your assignment.

Exactly like this the student from arts can give example or share stories from artists who become a big name when they were nothing and this could grab the reader attention and it will become more curious then how things went ahead. These are the small points which need to be added in the assignment this will improve the quality of your assignment as well as make it more interesting.

A good conclusion

The last and most important part of an assignment which concludes the entire story or topic should be written in the style of closing points. The ending should be done by relevant information which should provide an attractive and interesting end for your reader. It should give your reader an end for the story or assignment so it can come to an end.

The attractive endings are the one which gives some kind of solution or versatile ending to the story or assignment. Giving solution to the reader or checker always gives you an extra point that on your writing.

Trying adding solutions which could be applied in the situation. Some teachers also mark the assignment on how it ends. The assignments which are liked by the teachers are the one which have a strong opening and a good conclusion.

Printing should be proper

After completing the entire assignment try to recheck it before giving it out for printing as the final steps of your assignment topics should be done very carefully as if anything is done wrong all the efforts put in buy you will go in drain. The printing is a crucial step as it is the final stage before giving it for your checker.

You should always select the printing colors and quality very carefully and try selecting the best option available to get the perfect result for your assignments. Rests of the things which you do for an assignment are efforts and hard work. But this is the step where you can invest and put your money so try doing it the right way.

Always try recheck after printing and before submitting as some times a minor error can cause you a big trouble. Try to avoid mistakes but if something goes wrong, print again but don’t go for the overwrite option or correcting it by some other way. The best option is to print the assignment again however you can always check 10 times before printing to avoid the much trouble and waste of money and resources.