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How to Manage Sick Multiples


There’s no way around it: having sick kids blows. And when you have multiples, it blows even more because – inevitably – they are bound to pass the germs on to their unassuming sibling(s).

Consider it an act of love.

sick children

Resting on the couch with a fever

When my twins were infants, I did everything in my power to contain germs. I mean EVERYTHING. I made myself crazy keeping them separate from each other, sanitizing paci’s 12 times a day, spraying the entire house with Lysol (cough, cough), rubbing Baby Vicks on their feet and covering them with socks, changing their bedding daily, and sectioning off a “healthy” part of the house for my older child, and anyone else lucky enough to have avoided the evil illness.

And do you know what ALWAYS happened (and still does)? They all – actually we all – got sick anyway. Always.

No matter what.

I am not kidding you – I spent a good year of my life trying to contain germs. Here’s the thing about germs: they can’t be contained in your own household. They spread. Rapidly. Violently. With force.

sick children

A creative way of passing germs: nibbling each other’s toes!

My twins, Mila & Grace, are 2.5 years old now, and my oldest, Harper, is 6. Harper’s immune system is steadily getting stronger; she no longer gets every little virus that comes her way (and believe me, as a kindergartner, there are A LOT). But the twins? They are still building theirs… and it’s been a rough ride.

sick children

We’ve gotten to know the fish at the pedi’s office quite well…

I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of weeks they stayed illness-free last winter. And while I was hoping for the best this winter – after all, they are a year older and they’ve been exposed to SO much more – I’m sad (like REALLY sad) to say, it’s not starting off so great.

Since September, we’ve had one – ONE! – totally healthy week (mind you, I live in Minneapolis where it gets cold early).