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How to Move All Data to New Android Device


Getting a new phone is exciting, but the thought of moving all your data from the old phone to the new one may leave you stranded. Most probably, you can’t leave the data behind and a simple copy and paste won’t work either.

Here’s how to move almost all of your data to your new phone the right way. That includes all your SMS, contacts, call logs, media files, configurations, passwords, apps, and app data.

Manufacturer-specific Data Migration apps

Let’s try the all-in-one option first before standard methods, however, this is limited to specific phones and manufacturers.

Top manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and LG, etc. offer a dedicated app to move your data from your current phone (including iPhone) to their Android phones, in usually the flagship series. These apps can migrate messages, contacts, media files, calendar entries, device settings, app data, and more.

You just need to connect both the phones over Wi-Fi, or using a USB OTG cable.

Below are some of the apps by popular Android manufacturers:

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

LG Mobile Switch

HTC Transfer Tool

Phone Clone (Huawei)

Xperia™ Transfer Mobile (Sony)

If your phone’s manufacturer isn’t covered above, then you can also search online. Who knows, you might get lucky.

Moving Settings & App data

Android phones have a built-in backup option to backup your settings, Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks and app data to Google servers. Here’s how to enable it:

Open phone Settings and go to Backup & reset.

Here toggle on Backup my data option and then select the Google account from the Backup account option.