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fayazh khaskheli

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How to Perfect Your Website Navigation Bar


f your navigation bar is the roadmap to your website, it’s probably best to show every page there, right? That way people are sure to find what they need…

Actually, not so much.

Many people take the “more is more” approach to their website’s navigation menu—the logic being that if visitors need to find something, at least they’ll be able to find it in the main menu.

The thing is, navigation menus work best when they are short and sweet. There are a few reasons for this:

User experience: A short menu is easier and faster for people to read through—if they have to hunt through lots of options, they are more likely to bounce.

Search engine optimization (SEO): A short, clear menu makes it easier for search engines to navigate, understand, and index your site.

Design: A short, single-line navigation bar will keep your website looking sharp and is easy for visitors to read.