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How to Pick the Perfect Spot for Your Los Angeles Wedding


Planning to tie the knot in 2019? And is Los Angeles your city of choice? The time is

now to snatch up the perfectwedding anniversary presents for him.

Los Angeles has an immense selection of beautiful settings for your ceremony and

can cater to whatever you are hoping for. Whether you want to go refined and

luxurious or low-key and hip—this city has it all.

Experienced wedding planners know, however, that the popular places get booked

up fast. Certain venues are reserved up to a year in advance. So, it’s never too early

to begin your quest for that ideal spot.

Here is what you should know in order to find the right locale for a wedding in Los


1. Outline A Budget.

Knowing how much you feel comfortable with spending plays a large role in all the

wedding planning choices you will make. Research wedding costs so you know what

the average is. And then together with your fiancé, evaluate your financial health.

Can you afford to spend more than the average? Do you wish to spend less?

Knowing where you stand financially will influence the rest of your decisions.

2. Consider the Weather.

Planning on saying your vows outdoors? Then you will want to choose an ideal time

for that. While the weather in California is pleasant for most of the year, it does have

highs and lows, which could cause avoidable discomfort. The best times for outdoor

weddings are from March to May or from September through to the end of

November. Of course, if you plan on having your wedding indoors, then you can

safely check this consideration off your list.

3. Choose A Theme.

This is your next biggest consideration when it comes to choosing a venue. In fact,

knowing what your theme is will help you find a venue that will match the particular

ambiance you want to create. A beach wedding allows for a more casual and

intimate ambiance. Whereas a wedding styled along the lines ofThe Great

GatsbyorBreakfast at Tiffany’swill spare no expense on the glamor factor. Some

other unusual themes that are currently trending include woodland, barn, and

steampunk styles.

4. Think of The Guest Count.

Before counting out the guests you want to invite, you should understand that each

guest will add a little to your wedding costs. Having said that, compile a list with your

fiancé of the people who you absolutely want to attend. Then a secondary list of

friends you both agree on and combine the total of both lists for a ballpark figure of

how many people will attend. Next, some wedding planners suggest inviting 10

percent more guests than your target number. This is to offset those who decline for

whatever reason.

5. Pick the Venue!

Now that you know how much you are comfortable with spending, the style that you

want, and the number of guests, you’re ready to pick a venue! Dedicated wedding

venues will include food and staff service for the wedding reception. But if you

choose a location that isn’t a dedicated locale, then you may need to work out

catering, as well as setup and decorations.

Some other aspects you will want to ask about before making your choice include…

 cancellation policy, if they have one, penalty charges, etc.

 wedding planning services

 number of guests the locale can handle

 handicap accessibility options

 weather contingency plans

 insurance coverage

 coat check service options

 on-site parking availability

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can upfront. Get in a second or third

call if you remember a question that you forgot to ask. And if you can swing it, check

out the venue in person. If the venue is too far away for that to be feasible, look on

YouTube for video tours or other wedding videos that were filmed at that location.

And, of course, don’t forget to read reviews for each location you are considering.

While it might feel like an ordeal as you plan for that big day, the rewards will be well

worth it.perfectwedding anniversary presents for him.