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Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted on | Health-beauty

How To Prevent Depression (When Everything is Looking Hopeless)


Whether you seem to be sliding down this path or are recovering from this deadly mental illness, preventing depression isn’t an easy task. That feeling of being sad and hopeless becomes so standard that one finds comfort in it. And who wouldn’t want to be in that comfort space even when it is accompanied by misery?!

To fight back the imminent darkness and to keep the approaching depression at bay, one need to take proactive measures of standing-up and saying, “Stop… I deserve a better life!”

Here are 5 powerful tips to prevent this mental state from entering your life – even when everything is looking discouraging and distressing:

1. Spend time at the gym / exercise

It’s a proven fact. Working out releases feel-good hormones inside us, which lead to less tension and stress. So start working out at the gym, if not every day then on alternate days. In a matter of a week, you will start feeling much better and happier. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will boost significantly.

2. Eat healthy food

Eat too much of junk food and it will make you feel lethargic and unhealthy. This could then stem out to make you unhappy. So change your diet. Don’t change what you eat drastically. Simply make few changes—like when you eat, how much sugar you consume, and what’s the nutrient constituent of your food.

3. Go on a walk every morning

When you come in contact with natural light, it will instantly make you feel fresh. Sunlight is one of the best anti-depressants. In fact, studies have found that the more sunlight a city or area gets, the lower its rate of clinical depression. So form a habit of getting up early in the morning every day and hitting your local park for a casual (and relaxing) stroll.

4. Get a good company

Find few people who you can talk to without being judged—people who understand your problems and promise to be by your side in sickness. Find a good friend. If you can’t get one, hit your local social support group meetings. You will definitely find good people there who, suffering themselves, will make you feel at home and comfortable.

5. Find yourself a hobby

Don’t spend all your time working or sitting idle. Get passionate about something. Find that one thing that piques your interest and make you forget all your troubles. It could be anything—writing, reading, singing, dancing, exercising, gardening and more.

6. Start giving

When you help someone, it instantly makes you feel happy. It makes you feel worthy and relevant. So why do this just once? Start giving to people who needs you. Contribute money and your time for the society. Select your favorite volunteering group or identify an issue that you’re most passionate about and then start helping those who needs your extended hand.

7. Sleep sufficiently

Of course, this is quite a clichéd tip, but too important to overlook. You must sleep sufficiently every day to feel fresh and relaxed. So during bedtime, switch off your TV (yes, even if GOT is on!), keep your phone on silent mode, and lull yourself into a peaceful sleep with no distractions. The next day you will wake up feeling much better.

These are 7 tips that will help you prevent depression. Implement them in your life and all your bad will turn into good and discourage into hope.

Remember, how you’re feeling right now, that’s not permanent. You deserve to feel good and happy. And in the coming days, you will get there. Just keep moving ahead.

How To Prevent Depression (When Everything is Looking Hopeless)