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How To Reboot Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet?


You might have noticed that a frequent reboot on Android not only cleans its memory but also increases its speed. It can also solve many other small issues, such as app crashing. Hence, if you are facing app crashes, or screen freezes, or lags, then you should reboot your phone. If you want to reboot your Android phone or tab, then read one.

How To Reboot Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet?

Source:-How To Reboot Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet?

The method of restarting an Android device or tablet for troubleshooting simple problems

Do a standard restart

A ‘standard restart’ implies that you restart the gadget with the in-built software options. For doing it, you need to press the power switch of your Android for some time. This shall result in power menu getting displayed on the screen.

Note: There is no need for unlocking the smartphone or tablet.

Remember! The power menu options differ a bit depending on the type of the gadget and the model of smartphone or tablet it is.

Then, press ‘Restart’ if such option is available.

Lastly, give some time to the smartphone or tablet for restarting.

Switch it off and, then on

The reboot of your device can be done manually as well. The outcome is going to be same as like the above-stated method. And this option is most suitable if you don’t have a restart option in the power menu.

Same like earlier, press the Android’s power switch for some time till the time power options get displayed on the screen.

Then, press on ‘Power Off.’

Next, give some time to your device to get switched off.

As soon your device is turned off, you need to tap on the power switch for making it on.

Do a hard reboot

If your Android device stops functioning, then you should do a hard reset.

Do not worry about rebooting. After all, it is not like the factory reset. This method shall help you to turn off and then turn on your Android smartphone and tablet.

For doing it, you need to do a long press for minimum of 20 seconds. If your device is still not functioning, then you will have to manually reboot it.

Take out the battery:

Firstly, switch off your Android smartphone or tablet.

Then, take out the back cover of your device.

After that, remove the battery from your device.

Next, put back the battery and the cover of the device.

Then, switch on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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