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How to Remineralize Teeth?


As we age, our teeth start to demineralize causing loss of tooth enamel and serious tooth sensitivity. While acidic drinks and foods play a big role in the loss of enamel, there are different other causes that are not as generally known.

Causes of tooth demineralization

Some of the regular routines people have can contribute to demineralization. For example, teeth brushing can be a big cause. How? First, using a hard or medium bristle tooth brush to brush your teeth can start to dissolve tooth enamel. You should forever use a soft bristle tooth brush. Also, brushing too strong or too often can be a factor.

Here are some other reasons that dissolve tooth enamel:

Tooth decay

• Age

• Cracks in teeth

• Acidic mouthwashes

• Whitening pastes and other whitening products

• Sticky plaque on teeth

• Gum disease

All of these or some these could be the reason of tooth demineralization. One way you can tell if your teeth are starting to demineralize is to look at the 2 front teeth. Are they starting to look view through? Can you view cracks in them? Do you have to use sensitive toothpaste to kill the pain? Discuss to your dentists if you do not know for sure.

What needs to be done?

To begin your teeth on the road to recovery, you will need to reminernalize your teeth. When you remineralize your teeth, you are adding back the minerals that have been lost over time:

Some things you need to do:

• Eat foods rich in minerals (beans, eggs, oats, celery, cream, cheese, chicken, yogurt, beef and other meats)

• Brush at least twice a day

• Drink water

• Floss regularly

• Chew sugar-free gum (gum will support pull the bits of food out from between your gum and teeth when you cannot brush and floss will help keep your mouth moist)

• Eat foods rich in fiber

• Chew foods rich minerals slowly in support them response with your saliva

• Use remineralizing toothpaste regularly

Foods to eat sparingly

Foods high in acid need to be eaten sparingly. Drinking and eating top acidic foods will include to the demineralization process which needs to be rejected. Most people see when they are eating these foods, their teeth will be more sensitive than on days they do not eat them.

Foods high in acid:

• Star fruits

• Lemons, orange, grapefruits, key lines

• Pickles, vinegar, salad dressings

• Pineapples

• Tomatoes

• Wine and other fruit juices

• Salad dressings, pickles, and vinegar.

What other ways are there?

But this issue is not forever your fault. Demineralized teeth can outcome from health situations such as chronic or reflux dry mouth.

Now let's help you remineralize your teeth:

Dental treatment: your dentist or dental hygienist can add minerals back into your teeth such as using fluoride for extend periods.

Remineralizing toothpaste: you can make use of toothpaste that is mainly formulated to restore the minerals in your teeth.

Over the counter: Some over the counter products claim to support with this procedure but ask your doctor for insight.