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I get ready to utilized the Nokia Mobile Phone as a set case of this exercise, for Nokia is the most proficient cell phone to settle for which they give all wellspring of administration manuals and charts beside other cell phone items on the planet today.

Essentially there are numerous sorts of charging issues in Nokia Handset as well as every single cell phone items like Samsung,LG,Sony Ericsson, Motorola,iPhone, Blackberry and so on.

Not Charging - When the charger is being module and it demonstrates the word on the presentation "Not Charging"

Charger Not Supported a type of like the charger isn't good with the handset yet the issue really exist on the charging circuit.

No Response - this is the thing that this issue called when even a decent and working charger is being module, The handset demonstrates no reaction or no response when the charger is being module.

Counterfeit Charging - The handset is charging independent from anyone else even with no charger plug unto it, or the marker demonstrates that the handset is charging when the charger plug unto it however the battery haven't not charge any voltage or current whatsoever.

Invalid Charger-The handset reacts that the charger is invalid and not good with the handset.

Those Charging issue issues referenced above were simply regular sorts of flawed charging circuits inside any different cell phone handsets exist previously and these days.

Specialists and Professional Technician have diverse strategies with regards to investigate such issues. In any case, for the most part every one of them begin on the essential strategy on the best way to locate the defective segment or parts inside that specific issue.

Presently, commonly for the most part equipment troubleshooters begins inside this following strategies beneath.

1. Looking up the charger if the charger is great, frail or being harmed, or attempt to utilize other great and working charger to think about if the charging issue still exist.

The image underneath is a run of the mill design of a typical cell phone charger. It changes over the AC (Alternating Current)voltage originating from an outlet at that point convert it into a DC voltage. It has "+" positive and "- " negative extremity. A typical cell phone charger extend from 4.5 to 6 volts DC(Direct Current)

Different cell phone items charger have diverse sorts of stick connectors design and bundling however the operational circuit took inside it all the equivalent.

2. Looking up the battery on the off chance that it is as yet working or frail and test its Voltage and flows or supplant with a decent and working one.

3. Looking up the Charging Pin Connector by representation and make sure for some breakage or some residue and earth consumption. Destructive component such dampness may likewise make the issue and see it that is perfect and free of any destructive items.

4. Looking up the Charging Terminal Contact Pads in the event that it is free from any residue and soil and ensuring that it is absolutely spotless.

5. At that point Proceed to Component Fault Finding Method whenever found that the before referenced above was all fine however the issue still exist.

In part blame discovering technique it is additionally counsel to begin from the fundamental test and examination systems on each segment inside a specific circuits region. There are such a significant number of free and shared arrangements dissipated away among such a large number of gsm discussion networks. Some of them were pictures of jumpers and adjustment techniques and absence of well ordered system guidelines, it is on the grounds that those specific arrangements were have a place with all precisely comprehend the entire hardware and not for the apprentices. That is the reason just those bosses and specialists alike just can get up to speed what was that about.

In any case, not generally happens that way, there are additionally numerous specialists that dependably think the advantage of the new students which he underlined some well ordered system on where to begin to investigate o