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How to Solve Sleep Mode Problems on a Dell Computer


Dell has been providing its users with efficient devices which have helped the users in easing out on their workload. Dell has been providing users with competent desktop, laptop, and printer devices for ages now. They have made sure that the quality of the products that they bring out has constantly been on the rise. All these being electronic devices which run using set software sometimes come across certain malfunctions. Dell understands that this is something very unfortunate and the fact that this cannot be dealt with beforehand. Hence, Dell provides its users with a competent after sales service. The user if at any point come across any glitch or malfunction regarding their device can easily avail assistance by getting in touch with the Dell customer care number. This is a very effective way of getting over the malfunction that you have come across. The professionals at this service are highly skillful and competent. They make sure you have a stress free time using a Dell device.

Resolutions for sleep mode on Dell Computers

Dell computers can go in the sleep mode because of certain technical glitches like overheating of the system, software or hardware malfunction or even because of inappropriate setting. There can be various reasons for your system to be in sleep mode, some of the possibilities have been stated below:

• BIOS being faulty

• Issue with the Bluetooth

• Malfunctioning Hardware

• Unfitting sleep key setting on your system

There are certain troubleshooting steps that you can take up to revive your computer from the sleep mode, these steps have been given below:

• Check the power supply, make sure that your computer is on an active power source

• Authoritative measurers should be applied on the keyboard to allow it to wake the computer from sleep mode

• Update the drivers that are running on your system, sleep mode issue can be caused because of outdated or old drivers on the system

• Utilize the inbuilt troubleshooting option for improving power usage of the system

• Enter the code ‘powercfg’ in the command prompt which would give you access to all the power system settings

• With the use of MS Config utility perform a clean boot function, this would clear any odd issues that might be causing this malfunction

If you are not able to properly perform these given steps or if these steps do not rectify the issue that you were facing, the next most ideal way to move ahead would be by taking assistance from the Dell printer Support Number. This service provides you with a team of experts who are capable of handling any issue that you might come across regarding your Dell computer. They would analyze your issue in detail and come up with the best suitable solution. Moreover, this service is available on a 24x7 basis and is completely free of cost, not burning a hole in the user’s pocket.

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