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palash mohane

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How to start a garden from scratch, and its Benefits.


We have to admit this one thing that there is a Gardner in all of us but is just waiting to sprout. I remember the first time I was engaged in this kind of activity it was way back in my school day’s when we were in class 3rd std. as an extracurricular activity, we were asked to plant some shrubs at our school garden. And doing that activity is still clear in my mind and the pursuit of happiness it bought to all of us, It was really an incredible feeling. From then onwards gardening was a part of my life and it was close to doing meditation for me.

But there might be several questions popping in your head right now like.

How do we start a garden

What are the benefits of gardening? Etc.

Don’t worry today I am going to answer all of your questions like How do we start a garden, and what are the benefits of gardening?

Here are the 6 important steps you must keep in mind prior to start your own garden -

1) Get an idea - Get an Idea of which type of garden do you want to plant. Vegetable garden, flower garden or a mixture of both, my advice would be to start small and get a clear idea of everything you want to do.

2) Location – This is the most important step in gardening, choosing the location can make or break your gardening efforts, You have to choose a location which is exposed to the sun, has a decent water supply and fertile soil. You must also take care that the location you choose is not much windy and is safe from animals.

3) Soil – Testing your soil prior to start gardening is also a very important step as some soil may be acidic, some may be alkaline and some may be neutral, Preparation of soil is also a next big step in gardening. Depending on the ph level of your garden you have to add some components in your soil. You must also add fertilizers and organic matter in order to make your soil more harvestable.

4) Invest in gardening tools – getting the right gardening tools can make your job more easy and pleasurable, There are all kinds of tools present in the market for making your job more easier and enjoyable. Some of the tools are common and used by all. And as you gain experience you will be using lot more of these tools.

Basic gardening tools used by most of the gardeners are –

1) pruners

2) Garden Hoe

3) Scuffle hoe

4) Leaf Rake

5) Hand tools.

5) Choosing the right plant – choosing the right plant for your garden is the most difficult task in gardening as there are so many from to choose. Choosing plant also depends on your soil type, amount of sunlight and water supply and many other things.

6) Maintenance - taking care of your garden is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable jobs in the process of gardening, during this process you can observe the changes your garden is going through.

Importance of greenery to your mind, body, and soul.

In today’s world, we all know that living a tension free life is nearly next to impossible. In this concrete jungle with a hectic life, and increasing noise and air pollution it’s difficult for anybody to live a stress-free life.

Due to this, we are forgetting the importance of greenery in our life. Do you know that studies have proven that House plants reduce stress by up to 15%, They also help us in improving our concentration level and also boost’s our productivity and mood.

It is very difficult in today’s world to find somebody who invests his time in planting trees and a wonderful garden in his or her backyard. As we all know that a garden provides the opportunity to create a positive environmental impact. It reduces the airborne dust levels and keeps the temperature down in this period of global warming. It increases humidity and reduces carbon dioxide levels from the surroundings. Greenery around you will also trap harmful pollutants like benzene and nitrogen dioxide which will eventually help us breathe easier.

For many homeowners planting a garden provides enjoyment and when they see their garden grow and getting bigger and greener they feel a sense of satisfaction about this. By doing this activity they feel relaxed and stress-free which eventually helps them in improving their physical and mental health.

By strategically placing the green pots or plants in your home you can also stop, reduce or get rid of the annoying noise pollution which is one of the biggest problems for hypertension, stress, and depression. Leafy green leaves, in particular, can help to muffle noise and make your home quiet and peaceful regardless of what.

Keeping plants indoors can be a natural life hack. Plants around you and your surroundings can help you think.

· They increase the quality and accuracy in your work, and eventually improve your work ethics and commitment.

· Plants and greenery around our space enhances our productivity by around (+38 percent) and eventually helps us in improving our productive nature in almost every department.

· Plants and greenery around our space also helps us in enhancing our creativity and creative nature by around (+45 percent)

· Last but not the least scientist have also proven that plants and greenery around our space also eventually increases and boosts our memory recantation skills by almost (+20 percent)

We must also not forget that the most obvious benefits of having plants in our home is the visual impact. Having flowers and plants around your home helps our home to look more clean, clear and polished, Plants in our home can also make our home more colorful, beautiful and will develop a color interest and will enhance the impression and quality of our home.

So, after reading this blog post I think you will cherish the power of green in this concrete jungle and plant a garden and relax with these green pots in your home after you have survived the chaos from this cruel world.

Written by - Palash P. Mohane CEO Psminfoline - Software company in Nagpur.