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Karen Anthony

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How to Stay Safe in a Chemistry Laboratory?


Working in a chemistry laboratory is a fun and exciting experience, however, you must be careful and understand how to keep danger at bay. Moreover, you must know the safety rules that apply to chemicals and materials so that while conducting experiments, you do not fall prey to any kind of mishap at all.

Keep in mind the lab clothing you wear

When you are going to the lab, make sure that you wear the right clothing. Wear shoes that have closed toes and do not wear loose-fitting clothing at all. The clothes you wear should never hang down at the corners. Make sure that you do not wear anything that is combustible in nature like hairspray or a synthetic perfume. Never wear long dangling earrings or jewelry when you are working in a lab.

Be careful about contact lens

Experts say you should be very careful when you wear contact lenses to the lab. Several chemicals get trapped between these lenses. If you wish to avert damage to your eyes, wear glasses before going to the lab over contact lenses.

Tie your hair before you work in the lab

If you have medium or long hair, make sure it is tied up and securely in place. If you are not careful, long hair can catch fire, get entangled with lab chemicals or even get trapped insensitive lab equipment.

Never carry food and drinks into the lab

When it comes to food as well as drinks, make sure you leave them at the door. Do not carry food and drinks inside the lab. Likewise, do not carry any utensils into the lab. If you need to eat or drink something, step out of the lab.

The importance of protective gear

While you are working in a lab, you must wear protective gear. Goggles, apron,and gloves are recommended for experiments. Several chemicals and fumes have the potential to damage your skin or eyes when you come in contact with them. There are other items and equipment you should be careful about while working in the lab.

The need for you to understand the environment of the lab

The safety of the chemistry lab can improve when you understand its environment. Make sure you keep all the walkways clear. Keep all backpacks, books,and purses away from the walkways of the lab. Always place them under a table or a chair. Remember that people will be walking past you with chemicals that are dangerous or hazardous in nature. Be careful to avoid tripping on equipment and other chemicals in the lab.

Last but not least, never sit or even lean on the chairs or the tables in the lab. You never know when the table will tilt and spill the materials of the experiments you conduct. Always ensure you are standing and be mindful when you are working in the lab. In this way, you can avoid accidents and keep yourself safe with success!