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Vipul gupta

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How to use a blog to promote your business online


1st is that target the needs of users and find keywords using Keyword Planner. And then inform the Google users about your business, products and services solution. 2nd is that target the desire on social media to promote, for website traffic and to sell more products on the business website. 3rd is s that show the compared benefits. So these 3 ways to promote business online using a business blog is the best method to get the benefits of content marketing for your business.

Following are the explanations of these 3 methods you can use to promote your business online via a blog.

Remember, your blog is a marketing tool and search engines, social media is a market. You can’t get more sells each time, using same methods. So, you need to be innovative in your online marketing strategies. Use online marketing aggressively to promote your business. That’s why I think consistent innovation in marketing is important to get more sells and visitors to the business website.

1. Write and publish a blog post on the needs of customers searching on Google.

When people need a solution they search on Google for the related services and products. So, you need to write and publish a blog post on your website based on Keywords, people are searching on Google. This is the best method to promote your business effectively.

And it will drive right people to your website from Google, who really need products, services and looking for a solution. And if you’re there with solutions and they will find your website.

Important things you can consider while writing keyword specific article on your website.

You can choose any keyword to write a promotional article. Not a matter it is highly competitive or not. You just need to write about, what the solutions for a particular problem in your products. If your targeted clients, customers are searching for best travel package in (your city). For example, you can use “best travel packages for newly married couples … (your city)”, instead of using “best travel package for honeymoon couples in your city”.

• Always use 2-3 creative words or innovative words within your targeted keywords in the post.

• Just tell the truth. And tell it directly. You provide great web designing services so prove it how your web designing services are different than others.

So, try to write an SEO friendly article. That will drive high-quality traffic to your website. And it’s the best method to promote your business using a Business Blog.

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2. Write a post on your blog for social media users.

Social media users visit on your blog based on “Catchy Keywords, Attractive Images, and content. They don’t need the product and services, but they saw something that is connected with their desires. For example, if someone is scrolling their Facebook timeline and they get advertisement such as track your user’s behaviors a sell more on your website. They will click, read and sign up for the application.

I think social media content have to be different than content written for search engines.

When people using social media they have the desire to get something. Their desire will evoke when they will see something that is really emotional, entertaining and consume less time. This is a best online marketing strategy in which you can target social media use by using your blog.

Things you can consider when writing, post or content for social media.

• Use catchy headline and attractive images.

• Use easy to understand words and sentences.

• Use personalized images or videos.

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3. Write comparison post both for social media users and search engine users.

Now write a 3rd post that will differentiate your products and services with others. You can show the data. You can show the images, visualization, portfolio, and testimonial of existed clients in a blog post. You can also use videos or whatever proof you have to convince this type of users. This type of customer or users already interested in the product and services, they are just confused, which one product do I buy, or which one service is better for me. They need education in this case. So educate them and write like you’re discussing their concern and providing an appropriate solution.

• Use Smart Arts and Data visualization e.g. infographics.

• Use testimonials, portfolio, and references.

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So, at the end of this article strategy to promote your business online, remember these three things.

1. Business/Services/Products Information – Write and publish content that will inform the right people searching for a solution on Google and other search engines.

2. Business/Services/Products Entertainment – Write and publish a content that entertains, excite, engage and evoke the desire of users on Social Media.

3. Business/Services/Products Education – Provide data to the users to compare your products and services with others. Such as prices, timing, support, and features.

So, try above 3 methods to get more visitors to your business website with a blog. And repeat this process 2-3 times and you will start growing in your website traffic from search and social media.