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How to use multiple Bluetooth speakers for quality sound


I already have, for some years, Bluetooth speakers. What I like about everything is that they are compact and easy to use. I can put the 'Beat' in each of my nights and during each of my activities.

I have a boss speaker dedicated inside the house for evenings with friends to enjoy a good meal. A Sony resistant to water to bring with me for an outdoor day near the Lachine Canal. This one is also my camping companion since he can hang everywhere.

If I had a pool, I'm sure I would also have a speaker that goes directly into the water to accompany me during my sunbathing. Well, I love and all my friends too. It's convenient, fast and each guest can use his cell phone to play one of their favorite songs.

Now you can also pair your speakers of the same brand. So I cannot use my Boss speaker with my Sony at the same time. However, if you have multiple speakers from the same company, some of them allow synchronization.

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I have found for you some products that can do it. You will be able to spread music everywhere during your next event.

Some very interesting and comparable speakers:

You should know that not all products are compatible with pairing. Pairing between two speakers must be indicated by the company and the product at the time of purchase. Even if you buy two identical ‘speakers, that does not mean they can be connected to each other.

The pairing between two speakers is done by passing the audio signal via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. The two speakers will use the same connection, for example with your cellphone, to simultaneously broadcast the song on both speakers.

In this way, you could have a speaker in the bedroom and another in the kitchen and enjoy the same sound quality in both rooms

You should know that the products that can be synchronized with each other, such as Ultimate Ears Bluetooth BOOM 2 wireless speaker , has an application for download via your Google play store or the Apple store.

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With Ultimate Ears, you can connect two identical speakers and have up to 100 feet of broadcast. You can change songs even if you are not in the same room. This model is resistant to water and splashing. With a battery life of 15 hours, you can celebrate all night.

What is interesting is that you do not absolutely have to have two identical speakers to pair them with each other, you could have the previous model for the outside for example and have Wonder Boom best Bluetooth wireless speaker 2019 of Ultimate Ears.

This speaker has the same character or almost as his sister, however, it has only 10 hours of battery life. She can even go in the shower since she can go up to 1 meter of water.

The pleasure of having several connected together:

Why has more than one speaker? Quite simply, because it allows you to have a more enveloping and better distributed sound throughout the house and outside. It also allows you to have the same song everywhere without having to change the location of the speaker. In addition, you have the choice of parts or the music will be propagated.

No need to have a stereo when you can sync your speakers together. Ideal for dinners with friends that ends quietly on the edge of the fire.

JBL also offers the ability to pair these speakers such as JBL's Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which is robust for the lives of busy and active people in the open air.

You can easily pair it with 1-2-3 or even 4 speakers of the same brand JBL Pulse 3 waterproof Bluetooth wireless speaker that will be perfect for the pool as well as the beach.

Connected and intelligent:

It's great when the portable speakers are connected together to give you more music. But it's even better when these speakers offer you a built-in Google wizard.

Not all portable speakers can be connected to a personal assistant. However, some models such as the Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Google Assistant offer you this option.

You can control your smart devices via this portable speaker. Built-in Bluetooth and CCP technologies make it easy to broadcast and listen to your msuic anywhere.

Easy, fast and perfect for a successful evening:

The cost of buying Bluetooth speakers can be less expensive than a complete stereo system. You also have the option to bring and change the location according to your needs.

You can set the mood in one or more rooms according to the needs and the activity. It's very easy to couple.

• Download the product application (usually all products or almost)

• Tune your cellphone to a single speaker first

• Open the second speaker

• Enjoy your music

Let your guests put their favorite songs for a day at the beach, on a boat or during a sports activity. All you need is a cell phone, music and the speaker to set the pace for any activity. If you are still confused about which speaker to choose visit Saim Deals once to get some idea about what to buy.

At the time of purchase, if you do not buy the products named above in my article and you are not sure that the products can be paired, do not hesitate to ask a Best Buy employee who will know to offer you a product adapted to your needs.