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Lan Morris

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How To Write Perfect SEO-Optimized Content


Google has defined that 'content' is going to be among the top three ranking factors! We all know the content has to be unique and high quality. But, another factor that has to be there in order to make your content worth better ranking is SEO optimization. You can come up with amazing content but if it’s not SEO optimized, chances of high ranking are low. You cannot ignore the SEO perspective of your content. You should know that effective content marketing is the key vehicle for modern SEO. When Google accesses content, let’s say, for Xfinity’s website. It will not see how helpful the content is on Cox Customer Service Number or packages’ pages. It will access the keywords, their saturation, and many other things from the SEO perspective to rank it better.

You should know that content without SEO optimization stands as a mediocre blog post in the heap of existing blog posts, which are clogging up the entire internet. Search engines do not hand out comprehensive checklists to enlighten what high-quality content really is. They would never do that. But don’t worry, we are going to help you with making you content worth better ranking. Stay put to get some valuable tips to optimize your content.

Your Content Strategy Should be SEO Optimized

Marketers are desperate to create content according to SEO and then use it as a promotional tool. They try to tweak that content and add essential keyword and insert links. But actually, the content marketing strategy should be effective and systematic. You should follow the approach of researching keywords and considering user intent. You need to be aware of what queries your users use. You need to be insightful of what sort of information they are looking for. And then devise a content strategy to fit the needs of your audience.

High-Quality and Original Content

As mentioned earlier, you need to understand your audience well. Coming up with original and high-quality content is essential. Use your user’s language, and incorporate the facts and info, which they want. Let your readers finish the task they are on. When it comes to long content such as 1,000+ words, there is a probability of ranking better according to Google’s new algorithm. This is especially true for organic results of search engines. You are writing for your audience and not your peers. Therefore, use simple and catchy language. Don’t use too much industry-related jargon. It is important to stay on the task and not to lose focus while writing long content. Also, incorporate tempting calls to action. Add info sequentially and clearly mention any next steps.

Design Excellent Content

Good SEO means good UX. If your content is able to engage your customers, you are able to interact with them better. They will skim through your content and spend more time reading it. They may share it too. Put some solemn efforts into coming up with well-designed and good content. It includes overarching structure to the layout details. Make an effort to make all of the involved things better. Here are some of the essential characteristics of useful and excellent content:

• Clear and Coherent

• Simple

• Credible and Valid

• Concrete

• Entertaining

• Emotional

• Educational

• Inspiring

• Thorough

• Relevant

• Unique yet practical

• Trustworthy

• Shareable

While designing your content, always keep the targeted audience in mind.

Language and Lay Out

As mentioned already, the language has to be neither too simple, nor saturated with complicated industry jargon. Make social media sharing buttons available readily. Make an effort to make your content easily scan-able. Do not use long chunks of monotonous content. Break it in bullets, numbered lists, and shorter paragraphs to make it easily readable. Work on making it easy on the eyes. I know of a friend who has a subscription to Lifetime on DIRECTV. Someone who herself recommended clients regarding their online security.

Work on making an easily digestible layout. Use strong and catchy titles, H1s, and H2s. Actionable and enticing titles catch the attention of the readers effortlessly. Also, make an effort to create correct, valid, and trustworthy content. You have no idea how disturbing it is to find common errors, grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes in an otherwise excellent content. You don’t want to lose your credibility so always proof-read your content. In fact, let your content be proofread by someone else.

Also, work on right placement of keywords and not stuffing them. Using them naturally and organically will make your content look more readable. For instance, if you have a long-tail keyword like cable tv providers in my area, it is better to incorporate them in a question. Don’t let the readability be hindered.

Last but not least, link with reputable and trustworthy sites. You need valid names to be attached to your content. Good luck with ranking better!