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How Universal AC Remote Control Technology Works?


In this fast growing world, there must be the ominous control that can at least control most of the electrical or remote control gadgets. We can now explore various types of universal ac remote controls in the market which are highly useful for the house where there are multiple air conditioners. Easy to use and learn, these universal remotes offer two categories - multi brand and learning.

1. The multi brand remotes are pre-programmed with the codes to operate a number of standard electronics. You don’t have to feed any extra codes when you wish to run it. These remotes are designed in a way to control approximately four devices and control only main functions.

2. Learning remotes have the ability to learn the functions of the original remotes and sometimes, they too come pre-programmed. The owner just needs to hold the main remote control along near to the learning remote and the infra-red signals will help to transmit the commands from the originals. This is how it learns. Also, they can operate on a much wider variety of electronic devices than multi brand ones.

Due to the simplicity, multi brand remotes are much less expensive than the learning remotes.

Types of Universal Remotes

There are different types of programmable remotes in which you can type the model number of your electronic device and can program it the way you want to use it. You can also download all required programming commands from a PC or laptop through a USB cable.

Check out various types of universal remotes and how they differently work:

1. WiFi-enabled remotes: One of the most popular and recent universal remote controls are Wi-Fi enabled. In the case of television or your cable connection, this remote control allows you to bypass cable provider to find out what's playing on the TV by using your WiFi network. The remote control will show you all the latest updates like sports or news on remote’s small LCD screen.

2. LCD touch screen remotes: These remotes have an LCD screen which can be operated by touch which comes with both physical and virtual buttons. There are some LCD buttons which let you decide which virtual buttons you want to place on the LCD screen.

3. Radio frequency remotes: This type of remote control use radio frequency waves to operate electronics. RF remotes can be used to control infrared electronics placed behind the walls or in the next room.

You can now buy universal AC remote control that runs on WiFi along with RF or radio frequency as well. This type of remote controls is ideal for controlling your TV, air condition, speakers, projector and etc.