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How Valuable Are Links in Your Market?


One of the things I do in a new client process is to look at one, how many links they need, and two, what the value is of those links that they can acquire. Thankfully, with tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush, it’s relatively easy to do this analysis today and at least directionally be accurate as to the value of those links for your website.

This of course is a very valuable thing to know, besides just saying links are a ranking factor. Putting an actual quantifiable value that ties to the dollar signs will allow you to put some math behind something when someone needs to sign a check for this thing, or you need to get something done internally.

Obviously it’s a lot easier to do so when you can actually tie it to numbers that have value in some way. And of course, if we believe that links are a ranking factor, it’s relatively simple to do that.

One way we can start this analysis is using a good chart I saw from Kevin Indig, who was just on our “Content and Conversation” series. He shows how important each thing is in terms of the main SEO elements for each startup.

That would be links, technical, and content, and for some businesses, it’s high, links are high. For other businesses, it’s quite low.

The reason that is for networks like Facebook and Pinterest is because they can generate a huge number of links just by nature of who they are.

For those kind of businesses, it’s not that links don’t matter less, though. It’s just the nature of the market that means links are easier for them to generate, therefore they wouldn’t go to an agency like us or hire an internal link builder, because the links are being generated at such high volume without it.

For them, things like technical are of higher importance, just because of the nature of their business. Of course, this varies by business type, and for some businesses, it’s actually the opposite of that spectrum. So we can think about this using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to look at each market and evaluate how potent or valuable links might be to them.