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Pradip Mohapatra

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HR Certifications: What Do They Mean for Your Career?


While certifications and credentials are gaining importance in other professions, it is still a debatable issue in the world of Human Resources Department. Apparently, most of the HR executives are of the view that certifications could help only junior to mid-level employees seeking jobs. In fact, certifications for these people could influence a hiring decision amongst the recruiters.

HR Certifications: What Do They Mean for Your Career?
Over the years HR Certifications has come under a lot of scrutinies. And with lots of prospective HR personnel asking the same question repeatedly, here are some facts for you to ponder on –

1. Certifications are necessary only at the junior to mid-level
2. As a senior professional it is the experience and the track record that matters
3.  Relevant certifications could come in handy in seeking certain positions within an HR

The above-mentioned three points proved to be the truth in the field of Human Resource department. It further threw light on how recruiting managers were perceiving the hiring of junior to mid-level employees in the field. It was found out that best HR certification at the entry level were serving as a reason to accept or reject a resume along with the qualifications and skills of an individual.

If individuals A & B have applied for a job at an entry level, and both are equally qualified then certifications played a role of a deciding factor. But other than that HR Certifications would come handy only if you are seeking a specialized position within an HR department.

Now the question, if HR certification is not necessary as per the senior HR executives, then why are they being pursued? There has to be some purpose of HR certifications that are available both online and of line.
Benefits of Online HR Certifications   

Despite everything said and done, there are certain benefits in obtaining certifications. Whether you would want to go for online HR Certifications or not – would be your choice. Here are some of the benefits of online HR Certifications that would help you decide whether HR Certifications are worth your time or not.

1. Certifications would help you stay ahead of the competition always.

2. Certifications would come handy when you are seeking an overseas career in HR management.

3. With certifications, you would be at a better position to help other employees and would also be able to identify the reasons – why an employee wants to move out of an organization, why he or she is feeling dissatisfied in an organization and what can be done to minimize the employee turnover.

4. A certified professional would know how to actively engage employees at all levels, align them with organizational goals and ensure everyone is working in tandem.

5. As a certified professional you would inspire the trust and confidence of other business colleagues and thus would be in a better position to help others.

6. It might be noted that at a senior level experience and track record counts, however, a certification would always be a bonus to your skills and qualifications. It would ensure you are always a step ahead of your colleagues.