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kamlesh mehra

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If You Care, It’s Leafware


Taking what nature gives us and transforming it into usable things is a benefit people have had since the very beginning. However many have stomped on this benefit, underestimating these assets and creating a stripped, dirtied world with no respect for keeping up natural wellbeing.

Fortunately, similarly invested people have pushed against these reckless practices and are gradually taking the pendulum back to economical applications and a flourishing planet. Leafware is an organization that has ventured up to use one of the most straightforward things nature has given us; fallen leaves and other normally sourced materials.

The Ancient Path

Leafware has pursued the overlooked way of old people groups who made regular plates, bowls, containers and more from trees, vines, roots, and leaves. Today, the test is tied in with starting again from scratch of old practices while rivaling columns of poisonous, plastic decisions that contaminate our planet.

This is the reason Leafware has made a tough, exquisite index of compostable dinnerware, plates, bowls, and cutlery produced using fallen palm leaves, birch, and other earth-accommodating sources.

A Bountiful Harvest

The fallen leaves that Leafware utilizes are not your standard raked up pre-winter heap. These are palm leaves which can be vast, notwithstanding weighing more than one hundred pounds and ready to totally fold over a grown-up body. Leafware utilizes an Eco-accommodating procedure to produce these fallen leaves that incorporates:

Weight washing


Sun drying




The outcome is an arrangement of one of a kind 'wooden-like' structures. Shapes incorporate elongated plates, smooth advanced dishes, and birchwood sourced cutlery, making a gritty setting to a straightforward tidbit or course gem.

Having confidence in a Better Future

As of late, as revealed by AP News, The Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a 728 page report specifying (by and by) the peril of a warming planet. It's very astounding that these reports keep on developing in the course of recent decades thus numerous people keep on disregarding the composition on the divider.

Leafware is one organization that has done its part in keeping up an economical planet while bringing down its carbon impression in the meantime. Instead of make excellent dinnerware from basic sources, for example, collected virgin wood detached starting from the earliest stage, utilizes what nature has abandoned us without annihilating the earth.


Once in a while it is one articulation from a compelling individual that makes numerous personalities "click" enthusiastically. For Leafware it is motivation from the expressions of peaceful Indian lobbyist, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who stated,

"You should be the change you wish to find on the planet."

These words seem to be valid in such a significant number of ways. Leafware includes,

"Our main goal is to give practical, normal items to support our planet. We have faith in offering decisions that lessen society's effect on air, water, and soil now and for who and what is to come."

Before you go after another plastic, toxically made pack of economical, dispensable nourishment compartments and cutlery, investigate a more Eco-accommodating decision like Leafware. It is a choice to help and invert a quickly biting the dust planet. One of numerous chances to mind once more, particularly when threat is up and coming, except if we act now. Fill your cupboards with interesting plates, bowls, plate, platters and more that mirror your higher cognizance and great taste. On the off chance that you give it a second thought, it's Leafware.