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If You Do, You Can Use Your Smartphone For A Long Time And If You Have Any Problem Solve It Easily


The smartphone is a very important device in the present era. Without this device, it is impossible to move in the present era. With this device we use different areas, starting from talking and doing most of the work online. So it is very important to know about this device and how to use it and how to solve it.

If You Do, You Can Use Your Smartphone For A Long Time  And If You Have Any Problem  Solve It Easily
The Android mobile history
The history of the Android mobile operating system began with Android Beta Public Release on November 5, 2007. Google and Open Handset Alliance constantly develop Android, and it has seen some updates to its base, after the first release of the operating system. The first Android phone on 22nd October 2008. HTC Dream, which is the first commercially-launched device to be powered by the Android operating system, is part of America and part of Europe, started by HTC, known as T-Mobile's G1.

Google's Android operating system has a pretty incredible conversion since it is T-Mobile G1 which sees its fifth anniversary this week's celebration ceremony. Half a month may seem like a long time, but on the scale of the PC growth, it peeps one eye. You have a pretty convincing argument that any consumer technology in history could have developed as fast as the smartphone and that Android has been in the very center of evolution.

Introduction to using Smartphones
Make smartphones phone calls and send text messages and check your email, internet and much more are used to search, but they can be used to access the internet. There are different brands of smartphones out there
iPhone - Apple made by Samsung, HTC, etc.
Made by Android Phone
The difference between each phone made by Windows Nokia is that the phone that they have a different operating system developed by different manufacturers. You can use your fingers to control the touch screen of your phone, or you can use a pencil such as a tool that makes it easy to use. You will find a stylus for sale of most electronic shops. You'll see a lot of words: Apps are too short for word applications. It allows a shortcut to go directly to the program or website you want to access. It represents a picture or symbol.

The best apps  to improve your smartphone
A smartphone that allows you to do things on the phone comes pre-installed with some applications. To access this, you will need to tap on the app you want to use. To set the alarm, you have to set the alarm on your phone to show you how to look for the app and watch it. Your tutor is an alarm.

Urban Travelers City mapper, which works for Birmingham in London, Manchester and Great Britain, as well as works for other cities around the world. From trains, tubes and cycles to rental and walking buses, guide routes from B to A with the choice of routes and transport methods.

This app, which aims to remove your morning blues, sets your smartphone's default alar endeavor to sleep. It uses your phone's microphone and accelerometer the thing is that your phone is moving to track your sleep through the sounds and movements, then your alarm time is approaching you at your light sleep level.

On the desktop, Microsoft's Outlook e-mail software is still used in lots of businesses, even if it is not always preferred. But mobile, revamped Outlook applications have been a serious hit: simply and stylishly work well with mixing email, calendar and file management, and other services including Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

As a high powered alternative to your smartphone's default photo library, Google Photos ,Driver, takes some beating. This makes cloud photos and videos  in an unlimited number of garment factories, vandalizing workers, provides easy but useful editing features, and album images create great search features for your almost specific event.

Android First settings
a)    Select a language
b)    Insert the SIM card your mobile.
c)    Select a Wi-Fi network
d)    Transfer from another device
e)    Set up or log in to Google Account.
f)    Protect your phone
g)    Set up notifications
h)    Set up Google Assistant
i)    Other services
j)    Insert your Micro SD card.
k)    11 apps from the Google Play Store
l)    Install software and Android update
m)    Personalize your phone Solve

The common android problem fix
1.An alternative to any third-party application called Android, from the Android Market, which lets you close all data connections through a widget on the home screen. It makes the settings change much faster than the use of Android settings screen and more when you can work as a reminder for the next travel overseas.

2. Go to Wireless and Network or Wi-Fi settings and press the Menu key. Choose the foremost 'and change the' Never 'Sleep Policy. It seems that most people have issues that keep the Wi-Fi connection alive to solve the problem.

3. There are many reasons for this problem, but cache can often be full of apps for running efficiently. Cache cleaner applications, from the Android Market, you clean the cache to free up the memory of certain applications. You can also uninstall or remove apps from the expansion card to free up more physical memory.

4. An excellent solution is to figure out exactly how much data you used to monitor my data manager. It provides alerts when you reach a certain level and will not help you go back to your monthly data provided to make sure.
5. Using the default Android keyboard is not easy, but there are countless available options here.  Slide It is just an example that lets you type from the screen without removing your finger, Magic occurs just to see your finger slide in characters.

6. Currently, the new smartphone is many slots. Then the memory card fired during the time of the time becomes dust dirt. Then clear with leaf blower does not need to open your smartphone. You can easily access the memory card.

7. Expansion cards may be lost and try to reformat the most effective solution using a desktop or laptop PC. Using standard file explorer, you should be able to right-click and select the Format option to bring it back to life. It has been working more frequently than trying to format it on the phone itself.