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Ramesh Kumar

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Impact of AI Technology in 2020 for Mobile App Development


Humans are stepping into an advance, bright, and convenient future. Technology has made this possible as we will be encountering hundreds or thousands of changes that will occur, and this is not only limited to technology but in a lot of aspects of human life. 


As we are slowly stepping into a new era, humans are also perfectly crafting their work of programming Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the coming years, we will be able to witness different technologies or the internet world being controlled or run by AI.


This technology has been created to bring convenience to the lives of many, whether an ordinary person doing their day to day routine or a businessman managing his website. AI has been a wonderful help to us all, and its road to perfection only means a much convenient offering to our side.


In the coming year, AI is not only seen taking care of websites and customer services 24/7, but we are also to witness its integration with the development of a mobile app. What will be the impact of AI on mobile app development on the coming year?


Let’s take a look at the impact of AI on mobile apps this 2020.


Impact of AI Technology in 2020 for Mobile App Development (image-google)


Enhances the users’ experience


The problem why most mobile apps are uninstalled immediately or at some time is because these apps aren’t able to engage users. They aren’t able to feed the users with what they want to experience or see. However, when an app is integrated with AI, everything changes.


AI collects history searches, users’ behavior, and so on, that will give developers idea on how to make the app more user-friendly. This information gathered can help lengthen the users’ stay on the app. Aside from gathering information, AI also interacts with users. This quickly support the users need, and therefore, people will more likely use the app.


Personalizes everything


Nobody likes to receive information or anything that is not based on their likes. People like to individually receive a unique experience, one that is based on their needs and wants. Therefore, we will be able to experience apps that will give us what we truly want.


In 2020, mobile apps will be integrated with AI technology to keep track of users’ behavior. This behavior will be used to deliver information or needs of each user, and it’s personalized. If apps work like this, people will engage more.


Provides live subtitles


There are times when some videos don’t have the appropriate subtitle. It would be disappointing to figure out that you won’t be able to watch a video because of the absence of it. Since a lot of people rely on the use of a mobile phone for watching videos or doing a video chat, AI-powered apps will be a big help.


In the coming year, we can now witness a lot of apps that have the function of making video calls or video watching to have a live subtitle as part of its feature. It will enhance the users' experience as they will be able to understand things easily. AI will make this possible.


Real-time customer service



In 2020, mobile apps will be more integrated with AI into its development. When this happens, many apps will help a lot of app users since this AI assistance will do the job. When people need help, it will provide them with answers immediately.

AI integrated mobile apps will increase the chances for an app to not be uninstalled as people who seek assistance can easily get it. Moreover, it also suggests or provides what products or services that people need when they inquire of something.


This AI is designed to mimic real human conversation or voices, acting as a customer support.


Real-time customer service (image-google)


Tracks User Behavior Pattern


Mobile apps designed with AI can track the behavior of users, from what they search and perform when while using the app. These are all recorded by the system of the app, allowing developers to know what users want, and provide them with such. These data gathered are helpful to improve a mobile app to cater to the needs of the user in a smooth manner.


Increases Engagement


Engagement is one important aspect of an app. Without any engagement, apps will lose from its competitors. When AI is in the picture, this will help increase the engagement on an app. As mentioned above, as it tracks the users’ behavior and provides the users with a unique experience, in return, there would be more engagement from users.


These engagements were all based on the stored data that the AI had gathered from various users’ activity.


Invites New Audience


AI doesn’t only have the power to retain the users of the app. It doesn’t only gather data from them and find a way for these users to engage more often. In 2020, we will witness more mobile apps rising as AI-empowered apps will also reach out to more mobile app users.


Similar to gathering information to interact with the users, AI will use data to find new users or audiences to engage or download the app. Businesses will not have to worry as their marketing strategy to reach out to new potential customers are taken care of an AI technology.


Allows Automation to Persist  


We cannot possibly handle everything. Business owners cannot manage their business 24/7. The customer service department cannot answer calls all the time. Therefore, as we forward to the future, apps are becoming smarter and helpful.


AI aids in making people’s lives easy by providing them with information that they need, helping businesses on how to grow, and handling some of the human work to be done quickly. The automated nature of AI has already been witnessed a lot of times in the past years, but in 2020, more and more mobile developers will create such an app. The increase in the development of this is due to the increase in the demand of such feature.




AI has many positive and negative impacts on human lives. Some may see this technology as causing an interruption in human lives as it takes some job away. Meanwhile, others see this as a big help as it makes life easy by working efficiently, lightens the workload of an individual, and provides safety and security.


No matter what, technology will advance, AI will be integrated into mobile apps as we cannot deny the fact that the pros of this technology outweigh the cons. 2020 will be the year when mobile app will be run with AI and user experience will be more improved than ever.


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John Ocampos

John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors.Ever since, Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO-Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia - the leading software eCommerce company in Australia Softvire New Zealand.