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Wardah Chaudhary

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Impact of stress in a relationship


Affect of stress in a relationship

First we need to know what exactly does stress mean ,it is a feeling of physical and emotional tension ,it can be due to some past life experience or event that makes you feel stressed ,angry ,agitated or irritated. Its basically the body's way of avoiding certain things and its good when it helps you avoid a dangerous situation or meet a deadline so that's what stress is basically.

Stress negatively affects relationships because people often tend to stop sharing things when there is actually a need to do it. They tend to feel uncomfortable discussing certain things that might upset them or their partner and when these things aren't discussed ,they tend to keep bottling up inside the person stressing them out and may lead to outbursts which may affect two partners relation permanently. Stress tends to turn non issues into issues and inhibits a person's ability to deal with issues constructively. People who have rocky relationships tend to stress more leading to issues than those who have a stable relationship ,we might wonder why that is. The reason is that people with stable relationship learn to fight the issues together constructively ,if one partner is stressed the other tries to listen instead of stressing out themselves .They will listen to their partner's problem with patience try and help them or calm and relax them .So to avoid stress in a relation a person should

1.Share and communicate instead of bottling things up inside

2.Try to understand the situation or issue

3.Fight the problem instead of fighting each other

when we start following these points relationships won't break off just like that instead it'll bloom to a health ,long and happy relationship.

There is something we need to understand about stress and its the fact that it just doesn't act solo ,the stress you have will negatively affect others around you and wreak havoc in their lives too so when you feel like you're going through something more than you can handle that is the point where you need to communicate and accept help ,re assess yourself and your behavior and save your relationship. When we are stressed our brains basically go into "fight or flight" mode therefore eventually leading us to make tiny mistakes and cause us to lose concentration .The mistakes made under stress could be at work ,on the road or at home in your relationships and that's why we need to avoid it .