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emma watson

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Importance of education in our life


Education is just not about read and write, education which gives us the power to explore our strength. Education is in my terms differ from literacy, we cannot justify the literacy with education, literacy means the capability of reading and writing but education gives the power of understanding and implementing. We are offering Best school in Indore.

Our government is focusing on how to improve our education system by opening new schools collages and multiple government organization, slogan which uses by Indian government is Education helps us to learn and grow up whole life. We need to understand the power of education. If we write or read then we are better then but not the best. For the best we need to know the depth knowledge about everything.

Education in terms of thousands of people is to have the knowledge is everything but be practical if you want to achieve something then you must be active on what you read and how can you implement like someone say practice makes the man perfect.

On the basis of search the literacy ratio of India is 65.38%.This is not enough we have to increase the literacy ratio of India is above 95% but as compare to past it shows the good statics.

To gain respect from society you need to be educated. You want to live happy in your life you need to study from today not just theory as well as practice. India giving the completion to other countries because we are called as educated and other countries also want to higher us. Because our education system teach us everything which help us for our entire life. If help us to earning money and make a reputation in any industries or organization the more you know the depth your position will increase more.

Education is irrespective of cast, creed, color and nation or country, education gives you the freedom to spread your wings with open hand to explore or gain. If we have knowledge we never face trouble in our life because if one door closes then we have another door which open for us but we need the capability to enter into it and we earn the capability by education.

Most of the people complain about our education system but I just want to ask a one question that we are loyal to it or not. Because school or college gives us everything but we have to work on it so if both work together then everything will possible.

The importance of education the person can live independent they are not depend on anyone its gives us a help us to live life lessons and keep inspiring us to move help us to take decision that what is right or wrong.

Education is important for children they learn the life lesson from education they are the future of India and they need to be educated. There are many school and collages in India which help them to grow. In Indore the most Affordable CBSE School in Indore is New Green Field Public school which help them to achieve what they want to become in life we help them to take a first step to the education.