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Wilson Roy

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Inspirational Growth of Humanity from Music


Well, It’s A Long Time Ago From 100 Centuries That Music Is Playing The Entertainment Role In Human’s Life. In Ancient Times, People Wait Eagerly To Listen To The Voice Of A Flute Person Who Used To Play It In The Evenings, Because It Provides Them With A Feeling Of Peace To Their Souls. Presence Of Music In Our Everyday Life Is Becoming So Important Day By Day Even It Becomes A Part Of Our Almost Every Tradition And Culture Including Wedding Festivals, Organizational Functions And Hotel Parties And Almost On Our Every Gathering.

Introduction Of Different Musical Instruments  

Nowadays there are different types of music which are being played on selected occasions. In addition, after every second year, a new musical instrument is getting introduced. Approximately about hundreds of musical instruments are in the world and each instrument produced different sounds from other instruments. Similarly, every single instrument produces various sounds after every half second like guitar having only 4 wires but produce more hundred sounds. Likewise, Irish flute, drums , violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Irish harp etc.

Music Changes the Human Behavior

Music brings a lot of change in people emotional, mental and psychological behaviour and overcome their daily basis problems for a certain amount of time and give them a relaxing and chill environment.

Music got the power to change the moods of people. According to research conducted in North America in 2015, revealed that music brings a positive result in their lives and maintain their emotional level in a satisfactory state. Meanwhile, many benefits of musical activities among people have been recognized from certain surveys of different countries.

 Learning Atmosphere among the different group of People  

There is a huge amount of people who are taken classes to learn music because they find pleasing and satisfaction when they heard it. In those people, not only children but also youngsters and older people are taking the competition to enhance the pleasure in their life. Well, there is one publication about India, that there is one music college located in Mumbai, which contains about 70% old people in that college.

On the other hand, music classes are being provided in almost all countries. In some countries, music classes are the part of education so that the students who are interested in music will start seeking it from their starting education and could make their career through that classes in future.

Health Benefits Occurred from Music

Listening to slow music provides people with a feeling of relaxation and patience. Sometimes when people get tired of their hard-working job music is what provides them with a feeling of hope and increased their motivation level. As a mature citizen of society, we should know about the health benefits of music. It reduces depression and allocates a feeling enjoying behaviour.

  Increment in Listening and Communication skills by Music:  

When people start learning music, they like to join some kind of musical groups like some of the musician band or any group of people who sings songs. Those gatherings of musicians groups make them a social person who can interact with other people confidently and improve their interacting skills with the passage of time. On contrary, when they listen some kind of song they need alertness not only because on insisting of their teachers but to capture the rhythm, pitch and speed of the wording of singer. This improves their listening skills and concentration level. There are a lot of people in the world who did not have a confidence even to talk to their teachers and other people like neighbours, colleagues and other certain groups of people where should interact with them but due to lack communication and confidence level, they are not able to talk to them. So, even these people when start learning singing and musical instruments they become social. Because music is suck kind of profession which joins a lot of people with each other. On contrary, people who are not able to keep a focus on a particular situation or lesson are also upgraded because due to the need for continuous focus.

  How can you Generate Revenue from Music?   

After a certain period, people who take more interest in the music field will start thinking to earn from it because of singing or guitarist one of the famous and successful profession in all over the world.

After learning and practising music when the average amount of people finish their schooling, they become able to generate enough revenue to fulfil their proper needs and even their desires if one of their songs got excellent reviews from people. I had seen many people even students that when they free from their daily boring routine they join some restaurants and used to sing there and generate minimum their pocket money from it. Meanwhile, there are other ways to earn from this profession like by organizing concerts in universities, restaurants and different parties. Similarly, some people start teaching music in their neighbourhood or in schools and colleges.