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Harris Scott

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Instagram Gaining A Strong Foothold In Social Media For All Good Reasons


Email, Facebook, Twitter, and lots more in that order have come into existence, but Instagram has made a very strong impact on social media. It will not be an exaggeration if it is said that Instagram has conquered social media at a breakneck pace. There are lots of good reasons for it. To understand things more clearly you will need to go to the initial stages when social media just started to show its effects and potential. Sharing and advertising on social media are gone so normal and patent for the young generation for huge followers count. Even just watching a new web series Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2you just take a picture of it and post it on your story and your followers get curious to know how he able to watch such a brand new series and they started following you for more updates.

Facebook was reigning supreme in social media, and everyone was gaga over it. It saw a huge increase in the number of users in a very short time. You can even use it to make money online. However, early this decade people experts and even common people were amazed when Facebook considered taking over Instagram and spend more than $1 billion on it. Most people wondered whether such a huge investment was worth it. Well, the answer lies in the success of Instagram today.

Back in 2012, this mobile app was primarily known and considered as a retro filter that was placed over the photos. At that time most of the users of Instagram were the young generation living in urban areas. The company, not surprisingly, had no revenue and did not even have an Android app. Most of the experts then thought that it was a big folly. Kindly get more about What is Amazon Music.

Change in the scenario

Over time things started to change, and by Jove, it did change at a rapid pace.

• Considering the present scenario, things could not be more different. Instagram now is valued at $100 billion signifying its success and a large number of followers.

• Recently, this photo platform has crossed more than a billion active users, and according to a Bloomberg analyst, it is expected to double that already colossal figure.

Perhaps and most significantly, more and more people are now spending as much time on Instagram as they spend on Facebook.

What it is all about

Looking at the facts and figures, it is quite natural that you will wonder what this photo platform has in it that has made it so riotously successful. Well, there are lots of reasons for it.

• Partly, it is the clever and useful design choices of Instagram and

• Partly because it has been able to draw people's desire and connect it to a growing revenue stream that no other social media platform has been able to do yet.

What is more significant of this photo-sharing platform is that you can trace the success back to its much disparaged "hipster" aesthetics. The platform ended up framing the pictures of people in a far better way to make it a more idyllic representation of life. It is the use of the filters that have helped it to do so and reach the enviable peak of success within a very short time.

Tied to aspiration

The use of filters is first deployed by Instagram which is actually a mobile retrogression to the Polaroid. This made the pictures prettier, and therefore Instagram soon got tied intimately to aspiration.

• Over the years and even now it has been a cliché that this platform is a useful and most effective place for the people to show off themselves.

• It even interprets with several wide-ranging focuses that include wellness, designs and even bikini models.

All these proved to be a very useful tool to play off the idea of representing life in pictures that are more polished, curated, prettier version of life. All of these resulted in gathering thousands and even millions of Instagram followers and its effect can be felt everywhere.

It looks good

Whether it is for a new café launched or an established bar, art shows or a fashion fiesta, it is a well-documented phenomenon for all that Instagram will make them look good by shaping them up.

It is far more convincing and even produces a kind of uniformity of hip spaces across the globe which is a new trend called the Air Space by some experts and critics. It means that a particular restaurant that is part of a big food chain will look the same whether it is in Berlin or Botswana, Canada or China.

Ideal for e-commerce

The focus on aspiration and aesthetics is the same which is the primary reason that has made this photo-sharing platform an ideal one for e-commerce. The reasons for such consideration include:

• People with large accounts becoming the influencers

• Beginning to sell or at least tacitly endorse definite products

• Migrating off the brands to this platform as the visual-first design of it is ideal for marketing

• The ability of the Instagram users to buy products directly in the app from both its main feed and its stories feature and

• Monetizing the way in which users find and express their feelings, what they are coveting.

In short, Instagram is a useful photo sharing platform that is very well-positioned to generate serious revenue due to the humongous user base. It has allowed it to bring in a revenue stream into the innate culture of this platform.

Other reason summarized

If Instagram is a platform where people ‘live out’ their best life, it also has a few other reasons for it magnanimous popularity and success.

• The app is considered as a clever release valve for all the complementary pressure associated with self-presentation of the story.

• Though it is blatantly copied from Snap chat, the useful feature in it allows followers to turn their photos and videos into a kind of social connective tissue.

• It will enable all types of users to use this platform whether it is the frivolous, the ephemeral, the shambolic, and the spontaneous.

Apart from the polished nature of the photos that appear on the profile of a person, it is the story that makes it more like an audio-visual eminence that is updated and deleted after a day making it more fun.

Therefore, in all its sense and sensibility, Instagram is undoubtedly a welcome relief from all the other social networks evading the common pitfalls associated with it.