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Karen Anthony

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Is erectile dysfunction treatable? Why should more men talk about it?


Not being able to perform in bed is a nightmare most men dread. Men are uncomfortable talking about erectile dysfunction (ED), but it is a real problem that can haunt a person throughout his life. Most men have experienced some difficulty in keeping their erections firm or getting their penis erect, but it is mostly due to drinking too much or too much stress. If it becomes a regular challenge during the tender moments with the significant other, then the person might be dealing with ED.

Why is it important to talk about erectile dysfunction?

It might be difficult to talk about your diminished sexual performance with anyone, even a doctor, but you need to remember that it is a disease. It has treatments and possible cures. Here are some facts on ED that will help you understand the condition better –

• Causes of ED can be medical or psychological

• Organic causes of ED include medical conditions that affect the blood flow to the genital area

• Several prescription drugs, including a few hormone therapies for treating prostate cancer, can cause ED

• Smoking cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol can cause ED

• Presence of neurological disorders can make it difficult to keep an erection

Can sudden onset of ED be telling you something?

If you are experiencing any form of ED, you should speak with your healthcare provider because it can be a result of –

• Parkinson’s disease

• Multiple sclerosis

• Hormonal imbalances

• Radiation therapy to and near the groin

• Injuries of the spinal cord

• Complications arising from surgery

• Heart disorders

• Atherosclerosis

• High cholesterol levels

How can one treat ED?

Thanks to the advent of medical sciences, it is possible for anyone to treat ED with little to no intrusive surgeries. Several medications exist that enable men to perform satisfactorily in bed. Some of the most common drugs for treating ED include –

i. PDE-5 inhibitors

These include vardenafil, tadalafil, and avanafil. These are all prescription drugs a person can take orally. Some local injectable medications are also there including prostaglandin E1, which are ideal for men who cannot take oral medicines for cardiovascular and other complications.

ii. Testosterone replacement

When ED occurs due to insufficient secretion of testosterone, the doctor might recommend testosterone replacements. It usually works in combination with other therapies and medications.

iii. Alprostadil

Alprostadil exists as a self-injectable and urethral suppository. These are both localized treatments are the best alternatives to oral stimulants. Although side effects include pain and minor bleed from the site of the application, both the application procedures are effective in treating ED successfully.

Penile implants and vascular surgery are invasive methods that can cure ED. However, these are the last resorts of medical professionals when other medications fail to cure the symptoms. Most dietary supplements and natural alternative treatments do not help in cases of ED. Therefore, if you are experiencing any problem due to ED, the best person to talk to is your physician. Do not go in for alternative treatments that might take a toll on your health instead of redressing your problems.