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Is Money everything

Blog: Money And Happiness

Mayank Gupta

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When I was in school, I wished to come to college. When I passed college, I wished to join the job. When I joined the job, I wished to earn as much as I could. When I earned enough, I wished to retire. When I retired I realised I had no more time to do any thing. Ungratefully, I could not enjoy a pinch of time. 

Is this the same life You want as well. If you thought of this life, then you might to rearrange your goals and rethink. In his whole life, a man runs blindly towards the materialistic comforts. He works day and night to enjoy all the materialistic things but often fails to see the real life. 

So how much money is sufficient to have a decent life? The answer could vary person to person. But what actually more important is that life is not always the ends but it's always about the means. Life is not about the destination but it is always about the journey. 

So is it always about the money in the life? Well the answer seems yes to the majority of youth. The fact that without money you cannot sustain, cannot be ignored at any point of time. But the crucial thing is it is not the only thing that you need in life.

I often say, "Money is not everything in life, but make sure you have enough money to say so" But what I am highlighting is it is not always the money, not always the materialistic comfort that gives you the happiness. It is true that we derive pleasure from the materialistic things like who does not want to own a private chopper, who does not want to grand big villa, who does not want to own a Ferrari, or Mercedes. 

So should we get completely into achieving our high end goals and ignore the experience on the way. Should our goal be on the outcome rather than the process? Well, according to me it should not be the goal. The goal should be to explore the things around you, gain the insightful of a process, acquire the skills and learn through the environment , sharing with others, and enjoying the journey should be the main goal. Because one day or the other you will definitely get a good job, handsome salary, and slowly and steadily you will get to enjoy the materialistic comforts as well. 

Because money is crucial at a certain point of time but not always you need money. Not everytime you drive your Ferrari, you derive happiness, not every time you get big cheques you would be happy, Don't let your happiness be guided by the fixed objects. Don't let the society determine your destination. Don't let your greed for money suppress your pleasure. 

After a certain point of time, you would realise that all the life you spent running after money has no relevance and whole of your life you had a wrong goal which crushed your beautiful journey.
Is Money everything