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Is Nomophobia Curable ??


Nomophobia Curable; Cell Phone Security Software Does Help!

Technical advancements do bring convenience and make our lives easier but it can’t be denied that every new addition also adds fear in our lives. Like the two world wars and sudden breakthrough in the field of technology introduced technophobia and engulfed people with traumatophobia, the cellular phones of the age have impacted people with Nomophobia. It is the fear of losing the contact through mobile phone. Nomophobia is basically an abbreviated term for “No-mobile-phone Phobia”.

Is Nomophobia Curable ??

In a recent survey conducted in United Kingdom, 66% out of 1,000 respondents were found to have the symptoms of nomophobia. The survey further showed that 70% of women and 61% of men are kind of nomophobic and get jitters and anxiety pangs when separated from their mobile phones.

In an earlier survey it was found that a usual smart phone user checks his/her phone 34 times a day. Some of them will never lose a chance of talking over the phone.

Anyway, What Exactly Does A Nomophobic Fear From?

A nomophobic will always keep checking his phone and will not like to get separated from it even for a minute. There will be nervousness when phone gets out of range or it stops working, even when it develops a minor issue. Two of the main fears that keep haunting a nomophobic is losing phone or losing the data saved on it.

How Would Cell Phone Security Software Prove Helpful?

When you install mobile anti theft on your phone, you get the power to handle your phone remotely. This means you’ll get to check your phone without physically holding it. This works really well on a nomophobic to calm him down and keep him away from his cell phone. And to have enough patience to stay away from the phone is the only cure for No-mobile-phone Phobia.

Again, a mobile security system helps you to keep your mobile safe and secure from being theft or snatched away. This way the fear of losing it stops troubling the mind. And the ability to remotely lock the phone and take remote back up of the data on the phone ends up the fear of losing the data.

Security Apps Work Like Miracle!

Yes, it does. Security apps really work like a miracle. The only thing that a patient of nomophobia badly needs is mental peace. If he gets total control over anxiety, stays calm and doesn’t lose peace when away from phone, the problem is solved. And this is what the apps do. With the apps on the phone you are worry free, you stay calm as you know your phone is safe and fine and there’s just no trouble with your phone or the data on it.

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