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Is your old iPod worth thousands of pounds


Do you have an old iPod concealed in a draw some place? Provided that this is true, you could be in for somewhat of a fortune, as first gen iPods are as of now moving for a large number of pounds on eBay.

To some degree produced by Apple's declaration in 2014 that they will never again be fabricating the iPod Classic – the interest for these gadgets has soar. What's more, as we as a whole know – when request is high and supply is low, costs normally increment.

Is your old iPod worth thousands of pounds

A lot of three first gen iPods – one 5 GB, one 10 GB, one 20 GB – has quite recently gone discounted on eBay for an amazing $50,000, an entirety that was preceeded in 2014 by a manufacturing plant fixed U2 iPod which sold for a staggering $90,000.


The more established models are the most looked for after. What's more, in the event that they're in their unique bundling – like most collectibles – that just slopes the cost up significantly higher.

So a gadget that was initially bought for £2-300 could now be worth significantly more.


The interest for these more seasoned gadgets isn't just determined by Apple Fanboys/young ladies quick to get their hands on a bit of notorious innovation, however by the reasonableness these more established gadgets offer – with their greater stockpiling ("1000's of melodies in your pocket") and better battery.

Indeed, even generally new iPod gens are at present moving for upwards of $500 on eBay.

Also, its anticipated, that much like the iPod Classic, when Apple end its other iPod gadgets their costs will begin to pick up in esteem. Regardless of whether they'll meet the bewildering statures of the iPod Classic anyway is yet to be seen… yet who knows with the profits you get on ISAs nowadays, maybe putting resources into famous tech may be the route forward!

Before you begin surging off to scour the loft be that as it may, it merits examining this Apple Guide so you know precisely which iPod show you claim and whether it's value hundreds or thousands