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It’s time for you to step up your skin care routine!


Do you wake up with puffy eyes and your morning skincare routine can’t seem to fix it? Does your morning skincare routine feel like a chore and you just can’t get it done with? Well, it’s possible that you might be involved in a routine for a long time and it surely needs some changes which will step up your skin care routine and you will be interested in getting it done almost every day! Follow a few simple steps to get there.

It’s time for you to step up your skin care routine!

1. It’s not just limited to your everyday products

Most people find it hard to get there because they limit skin care to the product that is applied to their face. It’s important to understand that the water you drink every day and your everyday exercise routine has a lot to do with your morning skincare routine. Start your day with a glass of water to get yourself hydrated and started for the day. Your cardio routine will also help in the blood circulation and will keep your skin fresh and glowing.

2. Some are better than none

Your skin care routine might feel like a chore for you when you focus on getting all of it done. With ten steps in your skin care routine, it’s really likely that you might skip out most or wouldn’t feel like doing it. It’s better to keep a few simple steps so that it doesn’t feel like some heavy work that needs to be done.

3. Choose your products wisely

Some products have a really effective result and get most of the toning, cleansing or moisturizing just in one product. It’s better to go for products that are most suitable for you and have a lot of properties which you might get through different products. This will save your time and your money.

4. Sunscreens and eye creams

You might have heard this before but no matter how many times we write about this, it is going to be less. Sunscreens are a staple in the morning skincare routine. Make sure to have that SPF in your bag for re-application later. Choose the sunscreens which won’t have a greasy effect on your skin. It’s important to keep your skin type in mind when buying sunscreen for yourself.

5. Spot treatments three times a week

Some spot treatments come with prescriptions for skin diseases such as acne. You need to apply them according to the advice of your doctor but if the treatment is your everyday pimple solution or it’s related to the discolored patches, make sure to apply it to the skin as close as possible. This might not be applied every day so make sure you know the days. This step will also add variety to your routine making you more invested in it. It is also important to consider that such spot treatments cause the skin to dry out so just keep it close to the affected area and make use of a moisturizer later.